Winter path ideas in AC New Horizons

With the Holidays upcoming and Christmas close, it’s time to make our islands in Animal Crossing New Horizons look as festive as can be. Custom paths are a great way to do that! In Fall we made our selection in Great Fall Path Ideas. Time to make another entry, now with our tips for lovely Winter Paths.

Meanwhile, the big free update and the DLC for Happy Home Paradise add such a lot of great content again, it’s easy to get in the creative mode. So, make sure to check our in-depth guide too for the excellent DLC for HHP!

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers

Paths Based on ThePathACNH

The ones people often use are the natural looking ones, based on a setup for paths that @Denim2_mori  makes, all of them are to be found by using #ThePathACNH on Twitter. A set of 9 patterns, that you can put together like a jigsaw in various ways.

The classical dirt path, combined with snowy fringes to make it a smooth transition.

Don’t want any dirt shown, but rather a snowy light dusting on your grass paths? Then this is the one.

Well, not exactly the dirt path, but combined in a circle with bricks and Christmas decorations. We featured Lottieloo’s Fall path as well!

Snowy paths, combined with Christmas lights and candy canes.

Not in the mood for all of that snow? You might wanna go for this lovely Christmas tapestry!

Trena was in our Fall path edition as well, she has been busy. This time with a path that has Christmas decorations making it beautiful.

I ended up using Sarina’s path, as I love the smell of gingerbread at Christmas…well, any time of year really. It leads up to this lovely path!

Fringes for Straight Paths

Don’t want to go for the meandering kind? There are some thing you can do to adorn your standard terra cotta or grey tiles.

I ended up choosing for Christmas tree lights bordering my grey paths. These are from creator MA-4222-1505-1118.

And used snow edges to smooth out my terra cotta paths. Works a charm! This is from creator MA-2834-9161-2040.

Creative Winter Ideas

Of course, there’s much more then just paths to decorate your town. Check out these great designs.

Well, this is the other way around: not a path, but melting snow on the dirt!

This creator is bringing several ideas to the table: a snow angel, a snow pile and a pond!

An overlay of snowflakes you can put up just about anywhere! Very nice!



  1. Thanks for this article. I’ve been thinking about things I would like to do to make my island more wintry and this has really helped.

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