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Witcheye Review (Nintendo Switch)

Game:  Witcheye
Genre: Action, Adventure, Arcade
System: Nintendo Switch (also on PC and mobile)
Developer|Publisher: Moon Kid | Devolver Digital 
Age Rating: EU 3+ | US Everyone
Price: UK £4.49 | EU €3,99 | US $4.99
Release Date:  August 27th 2020

Review code provided with many thanks to Devolver Digital

Keep your Eye Open

Witheye is a game I’ve had my ‘eye’ on for some time. Originally starting life on the mobile platform then jumping to PC. Now it’s taking on a platform that offers the best of both worlds the Nintendo Switch. This version allows you to play the game in handheld with touch controls. But if you’re a traditional controller lover like me then you have that option too. Is this the definitive version of the game? Let’s look into it.

LadiesGamers Witcheye
Prepare for an eye-popping adventure

An Eye for an Eye

The Wizard wants the Witches trinkets for a spell and sends his loyal knight to do his dirty work. After stealing all the items and treasures the knight proceeds to return to the wizard only for all the stuff to gradually fall out of the bag and becomes scattered across six different areas. You play as the witch Maple who decides the best way to get all her stuff back is to turn into a giant eyeball. It’s different, I’ll say that. As a giant eyeball, you proceed to catch up with the knight in an epic quest to get all your stuff back.

LadiesGamers Witcheye
Should probably keep a better eye on your stuff

Bump Around the Level

From there, you bounce from level to level heading for the exit whilst trying to find four hidden gems along the way and the occasional hidden treasure. The green gems are often released when you defeat enemies whilst a blue one is usually hidden somewhere crafty in the level. Sometimes it’s in the environment sometimes in an enemy hidden out of sight. You don’t need to collect the gems to finish the level or the game but each level is so compact I was often compelled to bounce around looking for them provided I had enough health to risk it. I was certainly less compelled to collect everything in the later levels where the difficulty increases but never to the point where I got too frustrated or stressed with its design.

LadiesGamers Witcheye
If I hide behind this pillar the monster won’t see me

Flick or Swipe

You control your eyeball by flicking the left analogue stick. But if you prefer you can use your fingers in handheld mode. I ended up sticking with the controller as I’ve never been too fond of touch controls but both worked fine on testing. Your eye is in constant motion unless you stop it with a press of a face button. This makes for a kinda floaty control system which sometimes made it tricky to navigate through hazards and move your eye into the correct spot. You attack enemies simply by bumping into them but you are vulnerable to projectiles or spiky shields so you need to hit the right spot at the right time. There is an impressive variety of enemies and boss characters on offer in this game for a concept that looks so simple is was nice to be consistently greeted with new enemy designs. Of course, some are more frustrating than others but keep your eyes peeled and you will find the best way to tackle each foe.

LadiesGamers Witcheye
There is a wide variety of enemies to encounter and defeat

Memorable Soundtrack

The design of Witcheye is eye-popping, the graphics are beautiful colour pixel designs that feel reminiscent of a very nice looking retro game. To accompany this is a brilliant soundtrack, one that had me tapping my toes as I zoomed around each level. Once you finish the game you unlock the ability to listen back to the soundtrack to your heart’s content. You rarely see sound tests in games which is a real shame.

LadiesGamers Witcheye
Sometimes you want to sit and enjoy the music

The main game is over fifty levels long but once your finished you unlock hard difficulties as well as a speedrun mode for those that like to go fast and have it tracked in-game. Of course, you can just head back and replay levels collecting any gems and trinkets you missed to get the true ending.

LadiesGamers Witcheye
There’s no need to look so blue Mr Monster

Seeing is Believing

Witcheye is a fun game that will no doubt bring a smile to most gamer’s faces. The controls are a little loose at times but the graphics are gorgeous, the soundtrack is memorable and it made me chuckle with its tongue in cheek humour throughout the experience. I could not help but still be drawn into it. Also, the game is incredibly good value.

I highly recommend it, if you’re looking for a coffee game to dip in and out of or you just need something to lift your spirits.

Final Verdict: I like it a lot!

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