World of Final Fantasy on smartphone

Another good game title is getting a separate title on Smartphone: Square Enix has announced World of Final Fantasy Meli-Melo on iOS and Android. A year ago I enjoyed World of Final Fantasy a lot, it was a first for me. Sure, I’ve played Final Fantasy in the past on the DS, but I think it was one of the many, many games in the FF world.

Of course, we don’t know yet what this mobile version of WOFF will be like, but I do know that I felt the original game didn’t get enough attention back then. Cute, colorful but with good battles and good puzzles, I really enjoyed adventuring with the mirages. ( read my thoughts here)  

This is the description of the new game that will be released in Japan in 2017. I don’t doubt this game will come West too!

Monster training: Mirages

You can train Mirages in the Garden, and they grow when you give them magical gems known as “Rise” that you can acquire when “Adventuring” and “Exploring.” Depending on their growth stats, you can train them as original monsters all your own in order learn various abilities.

Stacking Battles

WOFF is different then other RPG: you don’t Battle with a team beside you, but in Stacks. Battles progress automatically. You have to look at monster attributes and affinities, and then make the best stack you can.

Mega Mirages and Champions

By stacking specific Mirages, you can trigger a “Mega Mirage Summon” where a giant Mirage unleashes a special move, as well as a “Champion Summon,” where a Final Fantasy series character is summoned to provide battle support.

Dome Challenge

There’s multiplayer battle. By using the “Mirage Domes” acquired when adventuring you can play a simple battle where a maximum of four friends can participate at the same time. By clearing these battles, you can get exclusive Mirages and growth items.

Manga Scenarios

If you clear “The Land of Beginnings” area the opening scenario manga will unlock, enabling you to read it from the “Garden.”


Check out the trailer below. 

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