WorldEnd Syndrome Guide – Missions and Items

WorldEnd Syndrome is a Visual Novel game by ToyBox and ArcSysWorks and is published by PQube.

The game itself has various side quests and collectables. Assuming you are playing with the same character the missions and items you’ve completed and acquired seem to save even if you reload to the start of the month. Items themselves can be obtained and you can reload to just before acquiring them, go to another location instead, and still have them.

While trying to get all the endings I have managed to complete all the missions and obtain all the items. So I have made a guide here for anyone else who is enjoying the game. Please note that some missions and item dates conflict with certain character’s routes. Make sure to be aware that the time of day is very important too.


Mission 1: Brochure Rainbow

Collect the five brochures. This mission might say it’s completed even when you’ve only acquired a couple. The mission should start on the 1st of August or whenever you visit the suburbs for the first time.

The blue brochure is collected by finishing mission two, the purple by mission three, yellow by mission six and green by mission seven.

Mission 2: Nikarei’s Autograph

On August 2nd at night go to Pastiche (via Suburbs) and accept Kensuke’s mission. On the morning of August 3rd go to the Shrine (via K. Manor) to see Saya. That night go to Pastiche to see Kensuke. This is how you get the blue brochure.

Mission 3: Ryuzaki’s Quest

August 5th at night at the lounge (via Seafront) meet Ryuzaki and accept her mission. The following morning go to the school rooftop to see Miss Yamashiro. On the 7th in the morning see Yamato inside Pastiche to collect his game cartridge. On the 8th at night meet Ryuzaki at the  hotel lounge to complete the mission.

This is how you get the purple brochure.

Mission 4: A text from Kensuke

You will be texted on the morning of the 9th. Show up to Pastiche at night. You will receive a handbook from Yamato which allows you to track the affection you have with the girls.

Mission 5: Flowers For You

On the 13th at Night go to the Hospital (via the Station) and accept the lady’s mission. Then on the night of the 15th go to the Shrine.

Mission 6: Yukino’s Ultra Quiz

On the Morning of the 16th go to your Living Room (Mansion) and answer Yukino’s quiz questions. The answers are:

  1. Butterfly
  2. Maimi
  3. Sisters

Answering correctly will give you the yellow booklet.

Mission 7: Stylin’

Talk to Ryuzaki at the lounge on the night of the 20th. Then in the morning or afternoon the following day go to the school rooftop where you will find her sunglasses. That night go to the lounge to give them to her.

Completing this mission will give you the green brochure.

Mission 8: Yamato’s Special Ops

On the 13th in the morning go to Pastiche and accept Yamato’s mission. Then on the morning of the 23rd go to Pastiche again and answer his questions. You don’t actually have to get any right but the answers are:

  1. True
  2. White
  3. True

Kensuke’s Questions:

  1. False
  2. Yes

Mission 9: Friday the 23rd

On the 19th at night go to the outside of the café and accept Kensuke’s mission. On the 20th, 21st and 22nd at night go to the outside of Pastiche Café.  On Friday the 23rd meet Kensuke outside Pastiche at night.

Mission 10: An Errand For Saya

On the afternoon of the 8th go to the Hotel Lobby and accept her quest. Go to the convenience store.

You will receive Maimi’s candid photo.

Items (in order of acquisition)

Good Choco Panda

On the night of August 1st, go to the Forest Riverbed.

Mihate Good Choco Panda

At night on August 3rd, go to Suzunaki Street.

Cacao Meteor

On the 5th in the afternoon, go to your Living Room.

Zettai Zetsume Sticks

On the 7th in the morning, go to the Bridge.


On the Afternoon on the 9th, see the teacher in the Club Room.


On the morning of the 10th, go to Pastiche.

LE Summer Mirage Pin

On the night of the 13th, go to the Sacred Place (via K. Manor).

Baum Kiss

In the afternoon of the 14th, go to the Shrine.

Latte Latta

Go to Suzunaki Street at night, on the 16th.


Reward for completing mission 4 (Go the Pastiche at night on the 9th).

Zettai-Zetsumei Panda Mask

Go to the Living Room on the 19th, in the afternoon.

Cod Liver Oil Candy

On the 20th go to the School Club Room, in the afternoon.

Utawazaru Membership Card

On the morning of the 21st, go to your Living Room.

Goddess Coaster

Go to the Hotel Lounge on the 23rd at night, to get the coaster.

Limited Edition Sampler CD

Go to the Forest Bridge on the 24th, in the morning.


  1. To get the Mihate Good Choco Panda item, first you have to go to the shopping street on August 1st in the evening. Then when you go again on August 3rd in the evening you’ll get the item.

  2. So do Mission 5: Flowers For You, Mission 8: Yamato’s Special Ops and Mission 9: Friday the 23rd have any rewards at all? I’ve done all 10 but can’t figure out what the point of those 3 were at all.

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