Tears of the Kingdom

Wow! Tears of the Kingdom!

Even though we often write about indie games, there are some big titles that we can’t wait to play, just like you. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is such a title that we have been super excited about. And that’s putting it mildly, Paula has even been counting down the days (and hours!) to get to playing. And sure, her review is here, and a guide on LadiesGamers is forthcoming. But for now, the rest of the team wanted to share our first excitement at revisiting Hyrule!


My adventure has started! Together with Zelda, Link explores the cavern beneath Hyrule Castle. Zelda urged them to keep exploring, excited about the discoveries. Meanwhile, I was thinking, no, no! Please don’t go any further, no good will come of it! And sure enough, disaster struck! And there we are, Zelda is gone and Link is back again, without clothes (but for his shorts).

Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom looks lovely, and what a clever way to solve the lack of a glider or some other flying device. Brave lad to dive from so high, even from behind my screen I get dizzy looking at the height he is jumping from!


There aren’t enough superlatives in my vocabulary to fully express my feelings about the opening gameplay of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! There is so much familiarity about it, yet so much is new. It’s like welcoming back an old friend whom you haven’t seen in years, and although they are the same person, they have been enriched by their experiences in the years apart. The clever balance of cutscenes and gameplay, allows you to be enveloped in the atmosphere of the story, but still in control of the character. You can practise Link’s new skills in relative safety and thoroughly enjoy the surroundings of the expanded Hyrule. Can’t wait to play more!

Lynne plays the game together with her little gaming buddy, here are his thoughts:
Really, really like it. Having great fun creating with Ultrahand and can’t wait to get more abilities. Looking forward to exploring more of Hyrule and fighting more enemies.


Being back in this new Hyrule is amazing. They have done an excellent job of showing that even in Hyrule technology advances, like it does in the real world. Once again Link has to find Zelda again, but luckily we have a lot of new things to discover!

Tears of the Kingdom


Tears of the Kingdom is a wonderful experience so far. It managed to give players brand new powers, dungeons, and shrines without it feeling too far from Breath of the Wild and not copying too much from the original at the same time. My time so far in Hyrule 2.0 has been quite enjoyable, challenging, and charged with excitement for the more full story.

Have you already started your own adventure? Or are you planning to? We’d love to hear your first impressions. Have fun exploring Hyrule again and discovering new ways to help Link find Zelda!

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