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It wasn’t easy to go back to my blogging today, but I did want to continue with the Blogging University, so, here goes. My next assignment in Writing101 is to describe where I write, and how I write. Do I need to sit down with a PC, look out of the window to gather my thoughts, with a mug of coffee at hand? Or can I write just about anywhere, like in the park or sitting at a local coffee shop with my trusted iPad? Actually, neither is true. Writing for me is a process that starts in my mind (well, I guess it always does :D) and stays there for quite a bit until an outline is formed. I work most days of the week in my daytime job and have a teenage daughter, not to mention a little dog, so my days are pretty much filled. But thinking about a blog can take place anywhere, while doing other things. You know that women are capable of multi-tasking right? So, this is a perfect example.

Place to write, ladiesgamers, cockpit, inspirationMost evenings are my own, and I spend them at my iPad with the television on, though I hardly ever see what show we are watching. I’m always too busy putting the outline in a note, researching data I want to incorporate about a particular game or checking some news fact that I want to use. It’s sort of like Spock sitting at his console on the bridge of the Enterprise: my iPad, my 3DS I’m currently playing on laid out as well as my Vita, my iPhone for text messages and a notepad to jot things down. The part about the mug of coffee is true, there’s always one by my side, pitch black (and probably not a good idea to drink as many as I do).

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may have seen that, though it started off as a gaming blog, it may have evolved into something more. I still love writing about my gaming passion and all that is related to it, but as I take such pleasure in writing in general that new topics crept in. Telling you about my travels in the US, and sharing things with you that are more personal and about everyday life.

I wanted to ask all of you: what kind of topics would you like to see covered here? They can be about gaming in general, about Nintendo or my Vita, but they can be about other interests too. Just chose what you’d like to see more of or put your own ideas in the in the poll I included. You can chose more then one, your inspiration is very welcome!

  1. Your comment about not knowing what show you’re watching made me laugh. I’m the same, the TV may be on but I have no clue what it is we’re watching 🙂

      1. I have read so many articles on coffee. Some say it is good and some say it is bad. I thing anything that is excessive can be bad and what is good some people is bad for others. Yes, we must have our vices!

  2. I voted Other in that I enjoy your writing and wish to read whatever makes you feel happy not what you feel obligated to write about. I’m now in a situation where I’m primarily a news reporter yet make no money from it and would probably be happier having the freedom (which time doesn’t allow!) writing about other aspects of gaming.

  3. You should definitely write about what pleases you first and foremost, since you’re generating no revenue with your blog. As long as your enthusiam and your positive energy shine through, it’s all good! 🙂

    My beverage of choice when writing is tea. It doesn’t keep you as perked up as coffee, but it gives a cosy and comfy touch to everything!

  4. Would you be interested in being my blogging buddy? I believe we can blend your gaming blogs and my – all roads lead to coffee blogs. If not we can be supportive of each other. Let me know.:)

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