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Wytchwood: Tips and Tricks Guide

When we love a game at LadiesGamers, we write a guide for it. So after reviewing Wytchwood and giving it our highest score of Two Thumbs Up, which you can find here, it’s time for a tips guide for the game.

Wytchwood is an exploration and crafting game. You play the part of the Witch, completing quests and solving problems and brewing spells and potions in the Wychwood world. There are a lot of quests and recipes, everything leads to needing a particular ingredient or item to craft for the Witch to proceed. After the Witch speaks to the Goat and has been tasked to find the four souls, (twelve in all) you are left to get to get on with it. Our handy tips and tricks will help keep you on track. Let’s begin!

The Witch of Wytchwood

Wytchwood LadiesGamers


Your journal will keep track of what souls to find and where to find them, so refer to it often. You can work on more than one quest at once or work on just one quest. It doesn’t matter to the game what way you proceed. I did two quests at once for a while and then switched to completing one set of quests at a time.

You can pin the quest you are working on to the right-hand corner of the screen to help keep you on the right track. There will be a lot of backtracking in the game as you will need many resources, but there is a fast travel system available in the form of portals.

Wytchwood tips and tricks LadiesGamers
Quests in the journal

Map and The Space Between

The map is pretty good at pinpointing areas to visit. Use your map often to keep yourself from getting lost.

The game is split into different areas, The Forest, Swamp, Docks, etc.; once you have finished talking to the Goat, you end up in a hub with lots of portals off it, The Ethereal Road. A portal in each area will warp you to the Ethereal Road. If you active the portal as soon as possible in an area, they all lead to that central hub where you can move between areas quickly. It saves a lot of walking for the Witch, and she isn’t as young as she used to be.

Wytchwood tips and tricks LadiesGamers
The Ethereal Road


You gain new recipes by completing quests, talking to NPC’s, and using the magical Witches Eye (more on the Witches Eye below). In addition, the witches Grimoire will fill up with recipes to craft as you progress through the storyline. Check the Grimoire often especially after talking to an NPC or after you have used the Witches Eye.

Wytchwood tips and tricks LadiesGamers

Investigate Everything

Check everything you come across in each area and talk to those who want to talk. Collect every resource you see, as you will need each resource many times over. You will at some stage have to backtrack to an area you have completed to gain resources from it, so use the portals to speed things up.

Wytchwood tips and tricks LadiesGamers
Check everything in each area

Witches Eye

The Witches Eye is the most important piece of equipment the Witch carries. Using the witches’ eye on everything, as it gives you information about that item or NPC or creature. It will also tell you which item will damage or kill a creature, and it’ll automatically add the new recipe to the Grimoire for you too. Check the Grimore after using the Witches eye to see what new recipes you can craft and what items are needed as well as where all ingredients are located in the game.

wytchwood LadiesGamers
Using the Witches eye

Combat Free

Being a witch, she doesn’t use a sword or bow and arrow; it’s spells and potions in her arsenal, to take care of certain problems that impede her progress. The Witch can avoid most threats by running away. However, if she does take damage, she loses one of her three hearts. Losing all three hearts sends the Witch back to her house, and she drops some of her resources in the spot she perished.

You can continue the game from the Witches house and return to the site the Witch perished at and collect the resources she dropped. By crafting Mending Poultices, you can regain the Witches hearts if she does take damage, be sure to keep enough ingredients to craft the poultices.

Wytchwood tips and tricks LadiesGamers
Make pots for water

Make Pots

You get the recipe for making clay pots pretty early on in the game. You can dig up clay from spots in the ground, dig up every spot you find as you can never have enough clay. Clay pots are used to store water or milk which in turn is used in a lot of crafting recipes. Make lots of pots so you always have them and fill them with water as you will need them all.

Wytchwood tips and tricks LadiesGamers
Collecting water in a clay pot

Most of all have fun being the Witch of Wytchwood!

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