Yo-Kai Watch release in Europe

Over the past years I’ve made no secret of being a fan of the Yo-Kai Watch games. I played mine first on my Japanese 3DS before we knew it would come West too. The game was released in November of last year in the US and in Australia in December. It hasn’t garnered the success yet that it has in Japan, but I hope it will prove to be a slow burner. They have surely tackled all the things that can make an IP big: games, television series and lots of merchandise and toys.

In honor of the game being released in Europe on April 29th I made an editorial piece on Gameraven.com, featuring the world of Yo-Kai Watch. You can find it here: The Yo-Kai Watch Phenomenon


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  1. Wow, I didn’t realize that even Australia got this game before we did. I am looking forward to paying Yo-Kai, although at the moment I am busy with Aegis of Earth (a Japanese tower defense game.)

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