Yokai Watch release-date in the US

Finally, we have a release-date for the first English game of Yokai Watch in the US! And it will be here sooner then I thought, at November 6th, while I had expected a Holiday season release!

They are really gearing up a real media circus: Disney X D will start showing the cartoon, starting this Fall; at the beginning of November the series’ manga will be published by VIZ Media’s Perfect Square imprint. On top of that, the Hasbro range of toys and related non-video games will find its way to stores in January 2016. Better try to beef up your wallet early, as there will be plenty of collectible medals.

Yokai watch, toy, hasbro, anime, 3dsPity the merchandise won’t be there before Christmas, otherwise I would know of a good tip for Christmas stockings! 

  1. I’m so excited for this! I have been staying away from knowing too much about the game since I want to be surprised and discover it for myself, but I’ve been interested in it since last year when I heard it was as big as Pokemon in Japan. I really hope it captures the wonder I experienced in my childhood when I played Pokemon and Digimon for the first time. I’m also very excited about the Moco Moco Friends game that looks like an even cuter pokemon, but I’ll most likely have to import an American copy of that game and use the anti region patch :

      1. Oh, I am definitely not in doubt, I’m gonna get both no matter what. It’s just that dealing with region locking is so annoying, especially with the 3DS.

        Also, there’s a demo for Moco Moco? Is it in Japanese?

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