YvoCaro plays, about bats and Yiga

Another week has passed, was it a good one for you in gaming? I’ve been keeping myself occupied with three games, all games I had played before. And all games I am enjoying tremendously.

Somehow I sense a change in my gaming lately. I think I mentioned it before, months ago, but I think I can officially declare that I’m buying less games. I’m sticking to the ones I have, and getting a lot of satisfaction out of them. Better for my wallet, but maybe not better for this site!

Anyway, even though I have been looking about for a new game to tackle, I keep returning to the same ones. I played a bit of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but I got stuck. Beaten by two huge ass spiders that fight very unfairly. I thought my levels were fine but I just can’t get past them. And as I don’t feel like some heavy grinding, I decided to pause for a while.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp female fans

One event after another and the newest one has us catching bats. Lottie really has gone batty, and seems to immersed herself in a gothic lifestyle, dragging us all with her. This time we don’t have to catch butterflies, but bats! And we can grow some big blossomed roses too. Purple and red, to stay in the theme.

In the announcement Nintendo wrote: ” We have made some adjustments based on the feedback received during the Rover’s Garden Safari event”. True to their word, I haven’t had to spend one single Leaf Ticket, and I’ve almost fulfilled the requests. Glad to see the company is actually listening to their players. lottie, gothic

By the way, have you read in Nintendo’s financial briefing that slightly more than 75% of Pocket Camp users are women? Not surprising to me, it’s about time that they recognise us ladies as an important demographic for their games. And you know what: they should make bringing Animal Crossing to the Switch their priority. This could mean a whole new audience for their console!

Zelda, Breath of the Wild: scary Yiga

When Sammy mauled my Wolf Link, I just had to see if the Amiibo still worked properly. It did, and soon my faithful Wolf was loping beside me. I just couldn’t bring myself to reduce the wolf to nothingness again, so I decided to climb the next mountain. And the next until I found the Gerudo desert. Wait, was I that close to the last Divine Beast Vah Naboris?

Before I knew it, Link had grabbed me again and drew me into his adventure to free the Princess. What a game…although yesterday evening I was thoroughly disgusted with it. I had to find the Thunder Helm, that was stolen from Chief Riju. Stolen by the Yiga, the foes that always give me the creeps. You know the travellers you sometimes meet in the wilds? the ones that seem friendly, only to turn into creepy vampire like creatures that can pop up behind you out of thin air? Since that happened to me a couple of times, I decided not to talk to random travellers anymore!

And now I had to creep around in their thief’s lair, trying not to be seen to reach the Thunder Helm. So typical of a Zelda adventure, I remember scuttling through Ganons castle in Windwaker trying to avoid Bokoblins while hiding under a barrel. A very unfair quest at the village of the Yiga Clan, as you can’t save anywhere during the entire quest. You wouldn’t believe how many times I was caught and had to start all over again. Really, really started to annoy me! master kohga, botw

My husband looked at me with wonder, at how I was raving to my little screen, and remarked that if it wasn’t for my relaxation, then maybe I shouldn’t play anymore? But I stuck to it, and won out in the end, using a shortcut: instead of crawling though the rooms in orderly fashion, I just used my Revali’s Gale, and flew directly to where I needed to be….

The battle with the chief of the Yiga, Master Kohga, was a fun one to do. Fortunately, because I would have been livid if that had been a devilishly difficult fight I’d have been tempted to shut the game down. As it is now, I’m ready to go after my last divine beast!

That’s it for my gaming week. What have you been playing? And are you making good progress?  Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Yvo, as you probably can see if you look at my Switch profile I’m approaching 200 hours on Splatoon 2, grinding for all the ability chunks I need to improve my game.. Loving every minute of it, well most of it anyway, as with most online gaming there’s always people trying to ruin it for others, but I generally do pretty well and it is pure fun and one of my top games ever!!

    I’ve also put a few hours into I Am Setsuna which I’m really enjoying, the story and battle system are really great and it’s definitely a game I will complete, and I bought Sky Force Reloaded which came out last week and loving that too, takes me back to my gaming roots of playing Salamander, Gradius and R Type in the arcades..

    Generally loving mu Switch!! ><

    1. Hey Stephen!
      Wow 200 hours!! That’s long, very long. A testament to how good the game is, right? Would you say you are sticking to games longer, or is Splatoon an exception? I have hardly played my 3DS since I got my Switch, though another good Sim game like a Harvest Moon would be more then welcome.
      I tried Lost Sphear but couldn’t get into the demo. Is I am Setsuna comparible?

      1. Same here! I tried the Lost Sphear demo and couldn’t get into it either, maybe I’ll give it another go sometime but it seemed to throw the player straight into changing things on the map and I wasn’t quite sure what to do so gave up pretty quick!

        I Am Setsuna grabbed me right from the start, I instantly cared about the story and characters and like I said, the battle system is great, highly recommend it to any rpg fan.. just a shame no physical release outside of Japan, I imported!!

        No, there’s not a lot of games I play for that long, I seem to have a gaming addiction where with certain games I have a goal in my head of something to achieve or a certain level to get to and it takes over, sometimes I want to play somethig different but dont because i have such a grind ahead of me, thankfully in Splatoon 2 the grind is a lot of fun, and I’m trying to keep my love of gaming a hobby rather than an obsession!!!

        1. Your wife might be happy with that too, keeping it a hobby! I had that same feeling, level 20 seems to be a level where I often leave a game behind. BotW is different though, I just have to see what’s behind the next mountain.
          So you imported Setsuna? Is it something that’s subtitled in English?

  2. I don’t know, as I’ve never played it on my TV. In fact, my Switch as never been linked to the big screen. I love the game in handheld, always take the Switch with me when I’m commuting!

    1. Wow that’s great!! I love handheld gaming too and probably use my Switch 50 / 50 handheld and tv mode.. I play better online on the tv though as I use my Splatoon Pro Controller and have better control that way..

      Can’t beat snuggling up in bed with a good rpg though!! I started Zelda btw.. Omg.. GOTY/GOT Millennium! !!

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