1. I get motion sickness easily from first-person games. Which is why I hardly ever play them! Don’t like the perspective and camera at all.

    1. Me neither. If I hadn’t been able to switch to third person it would have been an early end to the experience.
      Btw, how are you doing without Sven?

  2. I got up to that point in the main story before getting distracted by wandering around. However I stopped playing after a bit, partly due to being killed by anyone with a two handed weapon instantly.

    If you want joy you can always get a home and adopt children. I have two daughters happy to greet me whenever I return home.

  3. That’s a pretty interesting take on the game. I am surprised to see you tackle it, but getting out of one’s comfort zone is indeed a good thing. I have never played it, but hopefully I will get to it eventually now that it’s on the Switch.

  4. I mostly play in third person as well. I only use first person when I’m looking at shelves or desks. It is so easy to get lost in side quests which I’m doing now lol. Although one of them does feel like you’re going to Hogwarts to learn magic. I feel like I do better with magic attacks than with weapons, but I take out my axe when I run out of magic.

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