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YvoCaro Plays: dozing off and burying my nose in my Switch

Time to sit down for another YvoCaro plays: as always, these are about the video games I’m playing. These thoughts just spring up in my mind, sometimes game related, sometimes they are not.

It’s only fair to warn you that spoilers might be ahead! And by the way, if you like these blurbs of gaming thoughts, you can find the previous ones here.

Ruling an empire while dozing off

I bet that by now you are sick and tired of hearing me sing the praise for Civilisation VI. But what can I say? It’s pretty much all I’ve played this past week! I played the role of Queen Victoria, trying my best to establish a real Pax Brittanica. But my neighbours in that world weren’t very patient with me. One after another they declared war on me, and decimated my armies. My collection of cities is still alive, but we are seriously hemmed in by city states on one side and the see on the other.

Even as interesting as the game is to me, not even the best of games can prevent me from missing valuable gaming time. You see, I have such a lot of things to do during the day. Trying to combine my job with the fun here on the site and being a mom and wife as well. And then by the time I turn in, I tend to play whatever game I’m currently playing. But the thing is: as soon as my head hits my pillow, I get sleepy. So sleepy, that I’ve been known to doze off with my Switch still in hand. And my loyal citizens in London patiently awaiting orders. Is it my busy life, or can it be my age?


The only other game I’ve been playing is a game I’m reviewing. Farming sim Harvest Life is coming to the Switch tomorrow (November 30). A farming game is always welcome to me, but for this one, I’m struggling to form my opinion. Tomorrow the review will be published, so tune in if you want to know more.

But what I wanted to say: do you need reading glasses? Or perhaps a combination of normal glasses with a reading part in them? Nowadays I can’t read any label in the supermarket anymore, nor what’s on my computer in front of me without my extra pair of eyes. Pretty annoying. So what does it tell you when you’re trying to play a handheld game but you have to ask you the members of your family what text is on the screen?

I’ve been known lately to take my glasses off and hold the Switch very close to my eyes. Totally away that I must look a bit idiotic with the gaming device pressed to my nose. But: those are the joys of the elderly, boys and girls!


  1. A couple of years before I hit 50, I needed “readers”. I just got a Switch a couple of weeks ago and was a little disappointed with how tiny some of the text could be on it. I think I need stronger readers. 🙁

    And yeah, I try to game in bed but after 5 – 10 minutes, I am passing out and with anything that has a touch screen (phone, 3DS, Switch), that can mean bad news. I’ll wake up and found I have deleted or moved something that I shouldn’t have. 🙁
    Wish I could have had all of this technology 40 years ago when I was a teenager!

    1. Ha! So it IS an age thing to pass out as soon as you see your pillow? And the thing is that I postpone my gaming fix to get all sorts of things done first. And promise myself I can game before I turn in. Only to find myself so sleepy that I can’t remember what I’m supposed to be doing, lol.

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