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YvoCaro Plays: exploring Yellowstone

This YvoCaro Plays is located on another continent: me and my family are on a road trip in the US! Three weeks of amazing sights, very different surroundings and good holiday fun. That doesn’t mean the site takes a holiday as well. Nope, it keeps on going just like always! So be sure to see the daily articles we publish.

Exploring Yellowstone National Park

After visiting the Theodore Roosevelt National Park last week, we visited Yellowstone this week. We had been here before, six years ago, but it never ceases to amaze. Enchanting vistas, spotting the bisons and other wildlife. Seeing the Old Faithful Geiser erupt and marveling at the Grand Prismatic.

Yellowstone National Park


The Park seemed to be much more crowded then it was six years ago, even though we were there in the same month. Throngs of people going up the boardwalk to see the Mammoth Terraces and others wonders.

Despite the crowds at the major stop points, the Park is big enough. Cruising around reminded me of the feeling I had when I played Breath of the Wild. I just had to see what was behind the next hill. Had to find out if the next Valley held wildlife. Or what viewpoint overlooking another magnificent vista was next.

Yellowstone National Park

It was the same way for me when I played BOTW. Not so much for the battles, but for the feeling of having freedom to explore! Coming upon hidden treasures and being surprised by every new area.

Yeah, I know, uncountable footsteps have no doubt covered every area of Yellowstone for thousands of years. But still!

Still on my hiatus from video games

Usually in the weekly YvoCaro Plays I give you a look into what I’m currently playing. But, like last week, I didn’t play anything at all. That doesn’t mean I have been sitting idle.

We covered a lot of miles again, and aside from Yellowstone, we visited awesome places. Wind Cave National Park, Mount Rushmore, the Crazy Horse Memorial and a Rodeo in Cody-Wyoming.

Yellowstone National Park

Only a few more days of holidays left, so pretty soon the airplane will be waiting to take us home. I think that might be a good time to check out Dragon Quest Builders 2 again!

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