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YvoCaro Plays: how Frekkel warms your heart

Time to sit down for another YvoCaro plays: most of the times, these are about the video games I’m playing. Sometimes I can’t resist sharing other thoughts with you, sometimes game related, sometimes they are not.

It’s only fair to warn you that spoilers might be ahead! And by the way, if you like these blurbs of gaming thoughts of an elderly lady, you can find the previous ones here.

A classic with a warm feeling: Notting Hill

December is a special kind of month. It’s the month that is the cosiest with early evenings, candle light, Christmas decorations and family gatherings. But it isn’t just the time of year and the early nights that bring this special kind of feeling.

Television shows, commercials and even the music on the radio all contribute to that special warm glow and feeling of goodwill. (On a side note, it’s a pity world leaders and politicians seems to totally miss out on that…).

I watched a special film again last night that made me think of this warm glow: Notting Hill. I’ve watched it so many times I can’t even count, and this won’t be the last time I’ve watched it either. Nothing Hill is a classic for us.

Normally I’m always multitasking during television shows, writing, surfing the internet or gaming. Not while I watch this one. I know the lines by heart, and I caught myself constantly smiling yesterday. Silly me; I know how it ends, but still I was totally enraptured.

The Story of Frekkel

That made me think of a commercial that’s on Dutch television zooming in on that special December feeling. It’s the kind of little tale that softens even the most hardened heart. Irony is that it’s a commercial for the State Lottery, but you can forget that right away. I’ve searched for one with English subtitles, but couldn’t find it. You just have to know that the guy who buys the lottery ticket remarks to his wife: “if I win this, I’ll only be surrounded by beautiful things!”

Isn’t it the kind of little clip that makes you mushy all over?

Poll Game of the Year is up!

that took a bit of doing! Usually in the past years I made multiple polls. One for Vita games, one for 3DS games and so on. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough to add to each category so this year the polls are all combined in one.

But with the Switch library bursting at the seems it’s impossible to be complete. I decided to go for a compromise: I mentioned the Switch games we reviewed and the AAA titles that just had to be included. Even Super Smash Brothers Ultimate 😜

What were your favorites this year? I still haven’t made up my mind, I need to take a good look back at all the games I played to be sure the ones from last spring aren’t forgotten. One always tends to focus on the more recent ones!

So don’t forget to vote, the link is here!

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