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YvoCaro Plays: Kickstarter Fun simulation games

Time to sit down for another YvoCaro Plays. As always, these blurbs are mostly about the video games I’m currently playing. Unedited thoughts that spring up in my mind, mostly game related. And sometimes a random train of thoughts starting with the game and ending somewhere completely different. If you like these bits of gaming thoughts you can find the previous ones here

Kickstarters make for more variety

Global crowd funding platforms are very much a part of society these days, although it’s only 10 years ago that Kickstarter was founded. There are more platforms of course, but Kickstarter is the most well known. Of course, there’s much more on offer than ideas for new video games, but it does seem that the gaming industry feels right at home.

Small developers get a chance to find much needed capital to make their dreams come true. And although not all succeed, a good many do. 44.922 projects in video games were launched on Kickstarter, raising $ 1.03 Billion. Now that is a lot! Not all of them met their deadline though, almost 39% of the projects that did were successful. Although a game might still reach the market in a adjusted form, or much later than planned.

Now it might be because I’m on the lookout for simulation titles, but it seems like many of the good games coming through crowdfunding are games that are right up my alley. Many have a few magic words when they describe comparison games: Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon and Rune Factory. Of course, that immediately grabs my interest!

My Kickstarter list

Over the past couple of years I’ve pledged for a couple of campaigns. Of course I do realise that it’s always a gamble. Even if a project makes the funding threshold, it’s not sure yet that there’s really going to be a real game at the end of the road. So it’s not something you should do if money is tight at the moment, as you might end up getting nothing.

If it works out though, it means you have a fun game to look forward to. And the costs has already been taken, which is rather nice. The developers are mostly very good at keeping you updated about their progress, so you will be very involved. My first ever pledge was for My Time at Portia, and that worked out very well. 1,5 years later I got my game code for the Switch. Despite the bugs (for which I expect an update) Portia is everything I could want in a game. So much to do, never a dull moment.

I thought it fun to list the ones that have been successfully funded. Quite an impressive list already! And before I let you go I’m wondering: did you ever back a campaign? And did that turn out well?

My Time at Portia

3,708 backers pledged $146,697. Campaign ended October 2017.

I think I talked more than enough about this game. Here’s the short description on Nintendo.com.
“Restore your Pa’s neglected workshop to its former glory by fulfilling commissions, growing crops, raising animals, and befriending the quirky inhabitants of this charming post-apocalyptic land!”

If you want to know more, you can find my review here.

Farm Folks

1,597 backers pledged AU$ 92,882. Campaign ended July 2018.

” Leaving your homeland behind aboard a sterling, seafaring vessel gifted to you by your brother, you set out on the open sea with but one goal: to find your true purpose in life. Fate had other plans, however. A vicious storm turns your brother’s gift into nothing but fragmented flotsam, and soon you’re washed ashore on the beaches of Softshoal Island. The wrecking of your beloved boat was far from fortunate, but landing on Softshoal Island may have been a blessing in disguise. You’re soon given a plot of land and a chance at a new start. Fate is quite the mysterious beast!”

The thing with Farm Folks though, is that so far there will only be a Steam release. But hey, I can still hope right? Here’s a bit more about the game. 

Summer in Mara

9,523 backers pledged €233,919. Campaign ended March 2019.

You’re Koa and you’ll have to take care of your own island, farming the land and crafting new tools in order to survive. You can also sail away with your boat to new islands, meet unique characters and find sunken treasures. But the ocean called Koa, it wants Koa to fulfill her destiny and when it calls, you’ll have to answer.

Summer in Mara is a single-player adventure, with an easy-RPG system and exploration elements. Think of it as the spirit of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and the farm from Stardew Valley, with the visual aspect of Studio Ghibli’s films. Sounds like a good combination to me, and it’s gonna be on Switch!

Read a bit more about Summer in Mara here. 

Scout’s Honour

149 backers pledged $3,562. Campaign ended April 2019

Scout’s Honour

“You’ve managed to not collect any patches during your time at Camp Evolent, so it’s a race against the clock. Will you spend your time collecting patches, or lazing around? Get to know your fellow Scouts. Or not. Explore the surrounding environment. Light stuff on fire. Uncover a malicious camp secret. Every action counts, so get patching or get packing! ”

Like with Farm Folks, no Switch release. A bit more about the game is here. 

Calico: Magical Girls Running Cat Cafés

2,721 backers pledged $70,634. Campaign ended May 2019.

Calico is a “day-in-the-life community sim game” as the developer describes it. It will be your task to rebuild the town’s cat café and fill it with cute and cuddly creatures! You play as a magical girl, you can choose between Heartgirl and Flowergirl. In the small village that your magical girl travels to, she is going to find other magical girls and more fantastical friends. Every animal you meet can be interacted with, you can pet it or play with it.

Want to know more about the campaign that will bring the game to the Switch too? Find it here. 

€18,803 pledged of €30,000 goal by 728 backers
21days to go
As a player you will control Kofi. Good luck though on trying to get him in action, as he is an RPG character that spends his days lazing around without leveling up. His game is a total mess and every character around him plays better. He is weak, lazy and unlucky and is his followers are a group of interesting (but pathetic) characters. But what can you do? They are the ones aiding Kofi to live through the upcoming great adventure.
The current goal is to get this game to Steam first and Switch second. The campaign still has three weeks to go, read more about it here.





  1. did you ever back a campaign? And did that turn out well?

    Hi Yvonne, that’s a very nice list of Kickstarter video games!
    I have backed 3 videogames on Kickstarter so far, and they are all games you backed too!
    Summer in Mara, Calico and Kofi.
    Other campaigns I’ve backed are for (mostly) comics and boardgames, and I’ve had a fairly positive experience with Kickstarter so far.
    Although everything is delivered by a mailbox or package and it’s not always packed well (one time it rained when a package was delivered and the content got wet, one time a book and pin were sent together and the pin damaged the book) and the mail office is not always very careful with the packages.
    I’m really a perfectionist, but I’ve had to try hard to reign it in a little, and try to accept thing’s just don’t arrive perfect. (and try to still be happy with it)
    I do love the community and the involvement! And discovering new things I like.

    1. Even if someone isn’t a perfectionist I can see why it would be annoying if you don’t get the contents undamaged. That’s such a pity!
      I think it’s the feeling you get that you’re helping developers combined with the delayed rewards that makes funding such fun.

  2. Maybe the examples above are indeed not the best examples of my perfectionism and are things nobody would like.
    But even small bumbs or scratches really really bother me.

    I’m careful with my own stuff and I like buying things in physical stores so I can see exactly what I buy.
    Or ordering things from web shops who I know treat things (especially books) with care.
    I back a lot of things digitally now so shipping damages are not a problem
    (digital pledges have their own challenges, like a PDF of a book/ comic without front or back cover.. )

    But I do like that you’re in direct contact with the creator and other fans/ backers.
    I backed one roll&write game (Fleet, The Dice Game) and it’s our favorite ‘feel good’ game.
    I posted a comment on the kickstarter page, expressing my enthusiasm and got a response from the creator himself!
    That was super cool!

    And campaign give you a lot of (voorpret) anticipation, fun before you ever see any rewards.
    I consider Kickstarter to be a hobby, checking out new campaigns, chatting with people, reading about the games/ comics/ boardgames, rooting for stretch goals. It’s a lot of fun!

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