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YvoCaro Plays: not a lot!

This YvoCaro Plays is located on another continent: me and my family are on a road trip in the US! Three weeks of amazing sights, very different surroundings and good holiday fun. That doesn’t mean the site takes a holiday as well. Nope, it keeps on going just like always! So be sure to see the daily articles we publish.

The Holidays are for a different kind of fun

Somehow, holidays are never a good time for me to get a lot of gaming in. I do make resolutions before I go to use the evenings or the car rides to play games. But somehow, it doesn’t appeal to me when I’m in a different environment. There’s too much to see, too much to enjoy like the fun of seeing it all together with my husband and daughter.

We started our journey in Minneapolis, and what a lovely city it was. Friendly people, clean streets and a laid back atmosphere while we stayed in the University area. After that we went up north in Minnesota, to the little hamlet of Biwabik. Hard to believe that this green and luscious state has 6 months of snow every year.

Leaving Minnesota behind, we traveled to North Dakota, first to Fargo and then to Dickinson. Everyone was very friendly, and very curious as well. Amazing how many people asked us why we were visiting North Dakota, like they couldn’t believe anyone would want to be here. But we loved it, especially the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Fire Emblem Three Houses success

The only thing I did when it comes to games is to buy Fire Emblem Three Houses at Walmart. I like a good FE game, and the prices over here are more friendly to my wallet. From what I’ve heard, the game is a huge success. I checked the price over in the Netherlands and found that the game was even sold out. That doesn’t happen very often!

i haven’t played any of the game yet, but it will hold until after the holidays!


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