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YvoCaro Plays: Rushmore and Furrowfield Farm

This YvoCaro Plays is the last one that is partly located on another continent: me and my family took a road trip in the US! Three weeks of amazing sights, very different surroundings and good holiday fun. That didn’t mean the site took a holiday as well. Nope, it just kept on going just like always thanks to our amazing team of writers!

Mount Rushmore and the movies

I’m wondering if anyone recognizes this when going on a holiday: when we have a route in mind, we tend to watch movies related to the cities or sights. The last major landmark we visited this time was Mount Rushmore. And you can bet we watched s couple of movies before we went: National Treasure: Book of Secrets was mandatory. We already knew the movie by heart, but going to Rushmore ourselves and recognizing some film scenes is so precious.

The other movie we watched was Hitchcock’s North to Nortwest. Located partly on Rushmore and at the Carvers Restaurant, but not as recognizable anymore. The movie is much older, so the restaurant had had several makeovers since then! We loved seeing the carved heads, meeting one of the original workmen that was signing a book at the souvenir shop. One downside though…those stairs! 🥵

Back to the Game!

Our flight back didn’t go exactly as planned because of thunderstorms, diverted flights and lost luggage, but we are home again. I took the opportunity in the plane to get back into the game again. Time to visit Furrowfield Farm again in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

ChamZen, my fellow writer, has played the game too and has been able to end the storyline and almost finish the Builderpedia. Soon you will see our joint review on the site, but I wanted to tell you one thing: this game is as much a sim game as it is an RPG.

If you like farming, planting crops, building the environment to exactly your standards and such, then don’t be deterred by some fighting. I’m no ace in real time fighting, and when I face the enemy threatening my farm, I often revert to simple button mashing. I tell you, if you like sim games, then don’t pass this one over. It’s much more a sim game then the first one was, with clever textwriting and great things to create!

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