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Our Dreams Came True with New Horizons

Against the backdrop of the holiday season, I want to talk with you about being spoiled and greedy. Let me explain. If you are an Animal Crossing fan of older days, you will remember how every new game in the series brought us wonders we hadn’t dreamed about before.

Playing Wild World on the DS, we dreamed about having the ability to place furniture and such outside of our little perfectly decorated home. How awesome it would be to make fences ourselves or to place a birdbath in our perfectly made garden! New Leaf brought us new ways of enjoying Animal Crossing again, like town projects where you could put lanterns or structures in your town. 

With Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it seemed all our dreams had come true. The ability to place every kind of item anywhere you wanted was there. Making fences and even changing the layout of the land by terraforming. The number of novelties was staggering, and the range of items to collect had never been wider.

12 Free Updates and 1 Paid DLC

A record number of people played New Horizons due to COVID and lockdowns as well. Nintendo made sure to keep the fanbase entertained by bringing multiple updates, 12 to be exact. All free, adding new islands to travel to, organizing a wedding, ways to grow crops, cook meals and more. There was one paid DLC package that enlarged the game tremendously. Happy Home Paradise brought new depth to New Horizons and even more items, furniture and ways to decorate and change houses.  

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers

The last update came out in November 2021, and Nintendo made clear that it would be the last one. By now, a year later, New Horizons has lost momentum. Players find it boring by now, and this is only two years after its release. And I am wondering, how can this happen?

Really, we played Wild World for years for all its limitations ( compared to New Horizons) it had. We got creative and found ways to adorn our towns by designing everything ourselves. Visiting each others towns and playing in a larger group, we held contests, hid goodies in town for others to find and helped each other cataloging all the furniture and items there were to collect. There seemed to be no end to our enjoyment of the game; some players even maintained two towns or more.

Unleash your inner house decorator in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

And now, with all the great things to do in New Horizons, we have never had such a complete and huge game, and people are bored…and even saying that the game is dead because it lacks updates?

Toxic Demands on Dreamlight Valley

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some traffic on a tweet about the December update by Disney Dreamlight Valley that made me realise: are we asking too much? As you know, Disney Dreamlight Valley is released in early access, with the developers tinkering as we go along. It’s a big hit anyway, even though there are quite some bugs. It’s had new updates too, like the last December update, bringing us Christmas cheer and more characters that want to live in the Valley. 

Dreamlight Valley review

A lot of commenters are super happy to be getting Stitch in the game, but others comment about characters or gameplay elements they are not getting. It all sounds a lot like little children wining, and I wholeheartedly agreed with one commenter who wrote:

A lot of y’all are just as greedy, and spoiled here as y’all were in ACNH. If they released everything all at once (while the game is still in pre release) y’all would get bored and ask for more. Let’s be calm, and take the updates one step at a time.

Are We Spoiled with Updates?

Do developers give us too much? Does it only mean our own creativity doesn’t come into play anymore? What I do know from my own experience that there is such a lot to do in Dreamlight Valley that I didn’t even design one thing myself. Same in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, my island is nowhere near perfection, and I have only played half of Happy Home Paradise.

And when did it happen that we expect so many free updates and such a huge game for the same money as the base game? And only to blaze through it and demand even more.

So is the tweet right? Are we spoiled and greedy when it comes to our simulation games? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one!

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