YvoCaro plays: strange conversations

Time to sit down for another YvoCaro plays: as always, these are my unedited thoughts about the video games I’m playing. These thoughts just spring up in my mind, sometimes game related, sometimes they are not. It’s only fair to warn you that spoilers might be ahead!

Who did the translations for Elnea Kingdom?

A huge game with a huge history. The sandbox sim game has been around on various consoles for over 20 years, and this is the first outing on a Nintendo device. There’s a fast travel system in place that works flawlessly which is a good thing: the world map is so big that it’s difficult to remember where to go! I wrote down my first thoughts on the game here, if you want to know more.

But for a game series that has been around for so long I can’t help but wonder who made the translations? Maybe I’m too focused on such things but it really annoys me. For instance, trying to strike up a friendship with someone my character says “Abrikosov I want to be friends but…”. I had to re-read it several time wondering what kind of fruit an Abrikosov was, until I realized it was the family name of my potential friend. I think it’s highly likely she wants to be my friend now after being addressed so friendly… not!

Weird texts in Atelier Lydie and Suelle

There isn’t a game I want to love more then Atelier Lydie & Suelle and the Mysterious Paintings. I’ve played several Atelier games and loved them all, and this is the first entry on the Switch. A first outing in the magical RPG/crafting world for many gamers.

Several hours in and I’m unsure. Will I grow to like this game like the others? The first Atelier game that has no English voices. This shouldn’t be a problem, if it wasn’t for the fact that the Japanese voices are really bugging me. Why does everyone sound so strange? Girls invariably make baby sounds in chirpy voices. I’ve turned the sound of the game down, a missed opportunity in my opportunity.

I’m not impressed yet by the game and the story. And there’s another thing I noticed: the things these twins say! Sure, they Atelier games can be weird at times. But this is really awkward! Maybe it’s because I wanted new gamers to the series to have the best Atelier experience possible!

Here are some examples.

Conceiving the first mammal, you gotta start small

I’ve already told you all about why I love Happy Birthdays on the Switch (review here). Evolution must do its thing, as is very clear on my Greenlands cube. It already had some pretty cool dinosaurs when I entered it, but my goal was to go for one of the first mammals.

Carefully making the cube a bit cooler, making sure it would have enough to eat, and I was ready for Adelobassilius. Hard to imagine I was so happy to see him appear, and zooming in with my camera I finally saw one of them. Scurrying back and forth between the shrubbery, staying out of site of the dino’s. Can you seen him in the picture?

That’s it for my gaming fun this week.

What are you playing? Any of the games I mentioned, or are you into another game at the moment? I love to hear!


  1. Despite some weird dialogue in the first two games, all the ones you’re playing look adorable! I’ve never heard of the first or third game you’ve mentioned, but I’m definitely going to do some research 🙂 I’m currently into Dragon Age II myself, but I really need a brighter game to balance it out haha, but great post!! I enjoyed reading! ^^

  2. Strange … Atelier games have always been super strict on alcohol (like many Japanese games).
    I’ve seen other reviewers on Lydie & Suelle complaining about similar issues with the high-pitched voices and baby talk. Have a look at RPGFan, they just published their review, I think you’ll find it interesting.

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