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YvoCaro Plays: the Deitree blueprint

This YvoCaro Plays is located on another continent: we are on a road trip in the US! Three weeks of amazing sights, very different surroundings and good holiday fun. That doesn’t mean the site takes a holiday as well. Nope, it keeps on going just like always!

Growing the Deitree

A couple of years ago the first Dragon Quest Builders was an addictive experience for me. It was one of the games that I just couldn’t stop playing. And where the original game was great, this second one even improves on it!

So sitting on a plane for 9 hours with nowhere to go and nothing to do was just what I needed to get ahead in the game. I could finally sit down with Dragon Quest Builders 2 and work on building the Deitree. Now, I love the building element. It’s the part of the game that keeps me hooked. Just one more structure, just making sure my fields are productive…there’s always such a lot to do!

But the Deitree was a blueprint like no other I had before. It’s so big and so intricate! I’m glad I got the building blocks I needed, because some 900 blocks of bark would have been a challenge to make. Problem is that the design has so many levels that building it took all my concentration. Annoyingly then that one of those blasted spoilspores exploded next to the tree base. And I couldn’t find how to repair this overhanging structure. My patience was really wearing thin with this tree….In the end I went back to an earlier safe file and re-did part of the tree. Phew, before the plane landed it was done!

And where did our plane land?

Well, this year our trip started in Minneapolis. The city of Prince, of Pillsbury, of the Target headquarters and the University. Minnesota, the state of the imaginary home of Rose Nylund in Saint Olaf. And from here, we will travel to North Dakata, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and we will fly home again from Colorado.

So, in the next couple of weeks you might just see less gaming thoughts and more holiday thoughts. Still, I hope to mix in some game related things too! For now, thanks for reading!


  1. Yes Yvonne, happy holiday!
    “sitting on a plane for 9 hours with nowhere to go and nothing to do” … Sounds perfect for some quality gaming time!!

  2. Welcome to Minneapolis! I hope you enjoy / enjoyed your time here in Minnesota. It’s a special place.

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