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YvoCaro Plays: the life of an Ostrich

Time to sit down for another YvoCaro Plays. Mostly, these blurbs are about the video games I’m currently playing. Unedited thoughts that spring up in my mind, mostly game related. This time it’s about another topic entirely, but one I felt I needed to share with you.
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It’s getting hard to be an Ostrich

Years ago I confessed: I’m an Ostrich. No, not in the real sense of the word obviously, but figuratively speaking. I tend to shy away from the news in the real world. I would rather not know about all the bad news that comes our way every day. (Original article here) I don’t have a subscription to the newspaper, but I’m finding it harder and harder to stay away from all the negativity around us.

We seem to be living in a world where bigots and belligerent people can have their say at the cost of others. Where good men and women fall victim to hate and nothing is done to rectify it. And it’s stretching to all corners of the world. Even for an Ostrich it’s getting difficult to ignore.

In my private life I am glad to be surrounded by a very diverse group of people in my family, friends and at work. People of different religions and non-religions. People who are proud to not fit the traditional mould of genders or relationships. This is important to me, as I feel that the world would truly be a better place if we learned to accept each other as we are and belief.

The joy of gaming brings us together

I’ve have been thinking about this in relation to LadiesGamers. We are a very diverse group of writers, come together from all walks of life and backgrounds. I would think that we wouldn’t always agree on standpoints when it comes to religion, relationships or politics. But that’s okay, we don’t let that seep into our dealings when it comes to the site.

The site is as it should be: about video games and the fun that comes out of enjoying games together. Tolerance and respect for each other is what it should be about, and that is what we strive for. No matter whether you are a woman, man, gay or hetero, whether you believe in God, Allah or no higher power at all. It’s the joy of gaming that brings us together.

Build a perfect virtual life in you game, construct a huge city where you decide what goes. Go on an adventure and deal with monsters in your way. Try to beat the next level in your puzzle. Find a bit of fun and take your mind off of the world around us. That’s what LadiesGamers is all about.



  1. I wish there was a ‘like button’ for articles (and comments?)
    To just let the writers (in this case you Yvonne) know you read and liked the article, but when you don’t want to comment/ don’t know what to say/ add.

    ‘Thumbs up’ for this article!
    I agree wholeheartedly
    I’m an extreme ostrich. I have trouble with my own life/ struggles/ fears without adding all the injustice in the world.
    Gaming is indeed a wonderful way to just immerse yourself in another world.
    And I love the fact that it doesn’t matter what you believe, what you do for a living, who you love, where you live or what you look like.
    What matters is : What kind of games do you like?, Do you have a Switch?, Are you gonna buy the new Animal Crossing on release?, What is you favorite Pokemon?, Do you have Animal Crossing Amiibo’s, even though you can’t do much with them, but just because they are so cute?

    1. Thank you Ronja! You don’t see a like button? With a WordPress account you do get likes, but it’s a better idea that we check out if there’s a possibility to add them to our site by ourselves!

      You’ve put it even better then I have! I’m pretty sure that if we discussed politics or religion around the team of writers, our views would differ. But we don’t, as we can respect that others think differently. Indeed, what matters are the games and the consoles!

      And I think there are more of us ostriches out there then we know. For who doesn’t want to virtually escape from the world around us from time to time?

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    No, I don’t see a like button. (and I think I do have a WordPress account)
    I sometimes get an email that you liked a comment I posted, but I don’t see any way for me to like someone else’s comments.
    I thought it must be a privilege of the site hosts..
    It would be cool is you could add it to the site!
    It’s much more accessible/ casual way to express your appreciation/ let the writer know you read and liked the article, than to comment.

  3. I’m someone who has strong opinions. I believe in freedom of speech and hate how debate is being abandoned in case it offends someone. But I also respect and love others who disagree with me, and enjoy friendships with folk from a variety of backgrounds. I also abhor how some seek to stir hatred or target others who oppose their views.

    Being a Bible believing Christian and Pastor with strong conservative views, I’ve been called a bigot, a fundamentalist, an extremist etc. The fact is, I strive to love my neighbour, and whether people agree with me or not, I enjoy their company, and relish the fact that there’s something we can enjoy together.

    Thank you all for making ladiesgamers such a welcoming and friendly community.

    1. Your comment confirms what Ronja wrote above, Jonah! We wouldn’t agree on a lot of things in real life, but that’s okay. We respect each other based on our love of gaming! And that’s what matters on here on LadiesGamers!

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