YvoCaro Plays: There’s a Time and a Place for Every Game

Welcome to another YvoCaro Plays!

As always, these blurbs are mainly about the video games I’m currently playing. Unedited thoughts spring up in my mind, mostly game-related, sometimes not. Or a random train of thoughts starting with the game and ending somewhere completely different!

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Nothing is Clicking

Lately, I can’t seem to settle on a game. Normally my free time after work, being with my family and caring for the site, is scarce. But now, even when the time has come to pick up my gaming device, I don’t know what to play. Nothing seems to do the trick. I want the feeling of being immersed in a game, of thinking about it all day and finding it hard to wait till you can dive in again. Honestly, that’s the best kind of feeling there is when playing a game. Often enhanced when a friend is playing the same game!

But, as I said, nothing is clicking at the moment. I tried to get back into Breath of the Wild. Spurred on by Paula’s enthusiasm, I do know there are still lots to do for me in Hyrule. I’ll tell you a secret: I did all the divine beasts but never beat Ganon in Hyrule Castle. Last night I managed to do three tricky shrines (you know, the ones where balancing is key, turning your switch this way and that to guide the ball through the puzzle). I was at my nephew Sam’s. I have been his gaming aunt for years and years, and now that he lives on his own, we have gaming sessions. We had a good time, but even that didn’t make me in the mood.

Some Laid Back Fun

I played Animal Crossing: New Horizons over the weekend. And especially Happy Home Designer, as I had some serious backlog there. Deciding to tackle the secret beach where Redd lands, I perused the internet for some nice ideas. I came up with some, only to find that I didn’t have many of the items needed to make it special. I ended up enjoying Happy Home Paradise again, and I was happy seeing my last project again, though, the hanging bridge. That turned out very well!

Animal Crossing New Horizons bridge

Trying to while away time and relax, I resorted to mobile games. Seeing Paula review Blocky Farm, I decided to download it as a freemium in the AppStore. A nice game, but I was surprised at how much it resembles HayDay. A game that I have spent many, many hours in and one that holds so many memories. Like when I played it endlessly in the weeks after my father died. An old game, too, as I played it from day one when it landed in the AppStore in 2014. Amazing, almost nine years old! And when I opened my farm yesterday, I found it exactly as I had left it. So special, these little time capsules. Of course, the animals needed food, but even after all these months that I hadn’t finished, I knew one bag of food each would have them back on their feet.

HayDay screenshot

Go Where My Gaming Mood Takes me

I don’t really know why I’m so restless. I’ll just go with the flow and where my gaming mood takes me. So I’ve downloaded another mindless freemium game on my iPad for just a few rounds before I go to sleep: Triple Match 3D. Trying to find three matching things in the rubble of items.

Triple Match 3D

The freemium part isn’t too annoying; they don’t require you to watch videos of other games constantly. But they do make it hard to play some levels without additional tools…that you have to buy, of course. I’m not spending any money there, though!

It does go to show, though, that there is indeed a time and a place for every game!


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