YvoCaro’s E3: Nintendo…what the?

The E3 has come and gone. And as is the case year after year, it left me a bit disappointed. I know a lot of gaming fans will be happy with major games coming, but like I wrote yesterday: where are the lighthearted handheld titles?

I had pinned my hopes on Nintendo. After all, their Switch is very suited for handheld gaming, and as you might know, I was hoping for news on Animal Crossing. After all, it’s been five years since we got a real Animal Crossing title. They didn’t release any for the WiiU, and the titles they did bring (Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp) where nice, but not in the same league as the main games.

It’s never a good idea to get your hopes up. My daughter is always telling me she would rather expect the worst, and then be surprised that it’s better then she feared. Me, I try to look on the bright side, even if it means I get disappointed sometimes. And let me tell you, yesterday I was hugely disappointed.

My Body was Ready…my mind too

Even though the Direct was at an awkward time for me I had delayed commuting home by train from work, so I could watch while travelling at 6 pm. The family was instructed to eat without me, I would be home afterward. So there I was, I was ready!

The Direct started with a bombardment a sneak peaks at games for the Switch. Games like a new Fire Emblem Three Houses, Mario Party, Dragon Ball Fighters, Overcooked 2, Fortnight and even the new game Daemon X Machina where rushed by. You couldn’t blink for fear of missing anything.

Pretty soon it became clear why every other game was rushed out the door: we turned to Super Smash Bros. Sure, a title many are looking forward to, but come on guys, did you have to dedicate 70% of the Direct to detailing every character, every move and every special ability?

By then I was looking out the window watching the landscape pass by the train, and wondering why I wasn’t home with my family eating dinner. It wasn’t just the fact that there wasn’t a snippet of news on Animal Crossing. It’s about the fact that even Nintendo, a company I hold dear, seems to cater to the main stream audience of gamers like the other gaming companies do. On top of that, their arrogance to just spend precious E3 time to focus on every detail of just one game.

Do your research, know your audience! 

In case Nintendo (just like Sony and Microsoft) hasn’t done their market research by now: there are other gamers out there too! Other gamers then the stereotype young adult males.

Gamers who are more then willing to invest in a Switch, if you give them what they like to play. Gamers who most likely have the cash to spend as well. They like to play the casual games, no need for fighting and bashing. No need for gruelling real life blood and gore in a game. Just laid back gaming preferably the cute and colourful.

This isn’t a feeling of childish entitlement. It’s not like I feel we earn the right to get an Animal Crossing title on Switch. Just about any good casual title will do, but for now, we have to turn to indie developers to bring some variety to the Switch library. A good thing I have many games on my Casual Gaming List to look forward to!

My evening was a grumpy affair…

Coming home I saw a tweet from Nintendo of America come in that just fuelled my annoyance.

I purposely waited to write till this morning…imagine how this article would have been if I’d written it right-away!


  1. While i was disappointed that Smash got such a lot of show time too (mostly because the new Metroid Prime wasn’t even mentioned) it makes a lot of sense to concentrate on Pokemon, Splatoon 2 and Smash at the moment.
    They want to make online a paid thing this year and i guess the focus is needed to make it as huge a success as it can be.
    I also would love ’em to do a Mario Kart tournament each year, but what can you do.

  2. “They want to make online a paid thing this year” Ok, so where is the detail talk about their online service? It’s coming in Sept. Poke and Smash coming during the Seasonal Holiday.

    The Direct is/was a Pre-Recorded Show, cater to the Public (even though a lot of people I’ve read thinks it’s mainly for the media) TreeHouse, I would agreed, it’s for the Media, but the Direct (pre-recorded, show on YouTube and their site, invited (and REMINDED) EVERYONE to watch) I would say targeting the consumers. And those consumers are not just consist of 1 genres “Fighting”.

    Sure unlike PS or Xbox, Nintendo do have many Direct to introduce games within the Year, but E3 is the biggest and I would say important as well to showcase their product and attract more people. People who are not just fans, but those who are still on the fence getting a Switch, also more Developers and Publishers coming onboard.

    They have TreeHouse (that’s what TreeHouse are for), they can spend the whole hour (even the whole day if they feel like it) to talk in detail about their Smash, those who “love” the game, can watch that segment, those who do not care for Smash can ignore it (not wasting time hoping something else will appear right after.)

    I was hoping for release date on some of the indies coming out this year. None was being mentioned. They want more developers/ Publishers to have fate in them, to join the BigN group, but they are not giving them the slightest love of at least include their games announcement on their show. Those that they show, I don’t know to look at the corner for the Release date and title or look at the center to see what game they are showing. It’s all like flashes, blinking so fast no ideas what is what.

  3. I agree on about everything you wrote there, Sab. They’re not sending out a clear message about their strategy.

    I can only guess that it’s got somethin’ to do with their paid online (i miss definite details ’bout that too). If it truly comes alive in September, they may have enough time to iron out some shortcomings until Pokemon and Smash get released.

    I’ve got no clue about how well the Switch is doing (with different demographics) at the moment and i would’ve hoped to see some Labo as well.
    However, to me the Switch is having a great lineup so far, there’ve been enough intriguing games in the conference and i think they’re takin’ the right steps to make it as successful as possible.
    Next year will be much more interesting i reckon.

    1. So far the Switch from what they ( the Nintendo report ) said, are doing well. But they did mentioned that they want to make Switch to be Per-person instead of Per-household system. So if they are not going to push more (different varieties ) games in the biggest Show of the Year how are they going to convince even better sales other than word of mouth from consumers. If that is the case, what exactly is the E3 for?

      If I buy a PS4, Nintendo or any other brand console/system, it’s not because someone ( a friend/family/stranger) tells me so. It’s the game(s) I see, I like(interested) and know it’s coming to that console/ company.

      I agreed with you that Switch lineup so far is great. But 1/2 of them are mostly moblie style game (I have not much complain about port cos I understand that some people skipped the WiiU generation so it’s understandable that they bring WiiU game over, but mobile style game that one can play on their tablet or phone?… *Cough*Fallout Shelter*Cough*) And some games don’t even appear on the eshop till a day or 2 or on release day (I know cos I do check eshop if I heard of a game I am interested to 1# check/confirm the price 2# to check the date. ) I know I’ve mentioned a few games name countless time. Till now I still not see Moonlighter appear on eshop, I know Mineko’s Night Market is coming this year as well (super excited, been stalking the developer just about everyday.)…didn’t see it posted on eshop either. RE:Legend is another game I know a number of people are hyped…. Not showing up. Let’s talk about Little Dragon Cafe, coming out August 24. I just did a check on eshop, not seeing it either.

      If they don’t showcase those games even a short introduction. How they expect people who likes/enjoys games like this to know they are coming to Nintendo? If we have to hunt down the developer/publisher to know what games they are making and what/where/when they are coming, Again… what is the point of E3, what is the point of Direct?

      P.S. Read what I say in lighthearted manner. I sometime come across as I am angry or mean, but I’m not even close to that. I do go off-tracks or confuse people. And I still don’t get why they (Not just Nintendo, I am talking about PS and the rest that I did not watch but read about other commenters replies as well) wasted a good show ( that is, If they compare “back in the days of Iwata” and now and still think this is a good show…. I got nothing to say other than back in those days, I really enjoyed they show even if none of the games announced I was interested. It was fun, entertaining, show enough screenshot/trailers and slow enough to know about the game/release/title. Now I don’t. ) for the year and people still praise them.

      1. Oh my, I’m glad it’s not just me. I have to agree with everything said above by Sab. Was nodding in agreement the whole time.

        It was pointed out by a commenter on another pg, that Smash Ultimate being much-anticipated by fans will be a system seller. That they will fly off the shelves being it arrives in Dec.. While not disagreeing with this, and understanding that there are many die-hards of the series, it’s not my genre or “thing” – not that I have anything against fighting games or Smash. But why do I want to get myself all hyped up (again, for the umpteenth year) to watch a presentation that (again) focuses so heavily, and blatantly, on one particular game and its ENTIRE roster of characters.

        It’s head-scratching.. I have been a loyal fan of Nintendo since my dear Dad mailed me an NES of my own for a birthday one year. Heck, before that, as my best friend at the time in 6th grade already had one, and we fought over who got control of SMB. Ever since the heyday of that golden time, I have heard every complaint under the sun about how N does things. I never thought I’d be one of them. But as it was stated, and I’d already remarked it myself on another post, the Nintendo e3 presentations used to be something special. And they haven’t been for a long time.

        I just have an issue with their head-in-the-sand approach to how they roll things out, and it seems that’s one lesson they refuse to learn. Some of us want to be SURPRISED or bowled over. At least, ackowledged. The line-up at the beginning was too hastily presented, with the mere exception of FE, as Sab noted, and then it was simply a full-on “Smash Direct.” If they wanted to do things right, they would’ve spent more time showing those other games (like the appealing Octopath Traveller, and also games they *didn’t show, that have been announced..then highlighted Smash by announcing the title & the new characters, release date, and saved the other details for the Treehouse. It just makes more sense for the rest of us. I want the Switch to do well, beca use I love Nintendo and want them to succeed. But they gotta stop ignoring so long time fans, and spread the love around. Rant over.. for now lol.

        1. Forgot to say also, all those cool-looking games that were mentioned by Sab, I’m looking forward to also! While certainly N wouldn’t have featured all in the presentation, it sure would’ve been awesome to see Little Dragons Cafe, re: Legend, or Mineko’s highlighted in the reel, in detail! They’re just what I’m looking for, for Switch, which I don’t have many games, at the moment. And Moonlighter I’m looking forward to most of them all, I think–and I hadn’t even heard about it (or Re: Legend) until reading YvoCaro’s Casual Game roundup today!

  4. Well, all i know is that i don’t want another Wii U situation with the Switch. And it does feel different this time (even nearly like they know what they’re doing).
    So if a unnecessarily long Smash segment in a Direct is the only bitter pill i have to swallow i’m happy to do so – as long as it helps bringing more games to my favourite system right now.

  5. How nice everyone to see such lively discussions on here, thank you all for taking the time to type out what is obviously as close to your hearts as it is to mine!
    And needless to say I agree with what you are saying Sarah and Sab. And LTD, you do make a lot of sense too that if necessary for them to drag more players to the system, then fine..do a Super Smash Bros show.

    One of the points I wanted to come across though is that I’m pretty sure that there’s a whole group of gamers out there waiting for an excuse to spend hard earned cash to buy a Switch. And that excuse is going to be Animal Crossing. Nintendo shouldn’t neglect that fan base. It’s a fan base made up out of women who in most cases never play anything else but AC. And they will only buy a Switch once that game arrives. So if they want to sell more consoles, that’s the way to go!
    I mean, Smash fans will most likely already have jumped in with Zelda and Mario games!

    I will keep on spreading the love for the more casual and mostly indie games coming, with an update of my list regularly. Btw, thanks Sab for the tips on even more games! And don’t forget Portia, I’m expecting a lot of that one!

    1. I think a Animal Crossing release will depend on how well Pocket Camp is doing. I think that game is partly the reason why Nintendo isn’t so concerned about Switch version. Then again, perhaps they have something in the works that can interact with Pocket Camp, but they’re holding back until Pokemon Go Pikachu and Eivee are released. Perhaps they’re worried about titles clashing.

  6. One thing i’m thinking about when it comes to Animal Crossing is how well it could use Switchy features in a non-gimmicky way.
    Party games like Smash, Tennis and Kart don’t really need much more than its mobility but to make a Switch version of AnCro something special you have to come up with more (ideas) than just excellent execution in my opinion.

      1. What if i want to get you started though? ;o}
        Alright, now that you’ve mentioned it, i just got a few ideas as well.
        Strategically it could make sense to integrate the paid-online-games and the ArcArc (Arcade Archives) ones.
        You could do a short round of solo or multiplayer inbetween cityllage life, have some sort of AniCross-exclusive leaderboards, notifications, when a friend reaches a new highscore and get specific items themed after the games you play (not just those already mentioned, but every Switch game screamin’ “Look at me. I’m a Nintendo!”).
        In a way it could even become the new SwapnotesMiitomoverse if they wanted to.

        Voice-chat (naturally).

        Integrate the Badge Arcade without paid transactions.

        More minigame-ish multiplayer activities.
        Well, that’s it from the top of my hat for now.

        PS: Sorry for not responding correctly so far. I don’t write here often. =o/

        1. We would love to read your comments more often LTD. We’re thrilled that you’re here.

          I like your comments, and it’s interesting to think that Animal Crossing developers have already dabbled in the areas you mention.

          Animal Crossing for GameCube actually included NES games I believer, and City Folk supported V.O.I.P and came bundled with that silly microphone (Wii Speak). And regarding Minigames in Animal Crossing, what about Amiibo Festival?

          Perhaps they could make the ultimate version of AC and incorporate everything included in past games in one big package with a few added extras. How cool would that be!

          1. Thanks for the kind words. If i had all the time in the world i’d follow this site more closely for sure.
            It’s nice to see some other opinions than those of the “brainwashed cool majority”. =o}

            And yeah, like seems to be to be the trend right now these features could make for a great evolution / best-of for the franchise.
            It would surely make the games more versatile and attractive while not having to sacrifice anything that made it huge to begin with.

            I also wouldn’t mind to see the “Everybody Votes” and “Mii Competition” channels resurrected in some way.
            It doesn’t have to be a part of the main Switch Menu, somehow AniCross seems to be a good place for this kind of things.

            1. Years ago I wrote an article on here somewhere of how they should merge all the good Happy Home Designer had to offer into the main AC game. Like placing outdoor furniture.
              I think they’ve started doing just that with Pocket Camp, so i think the Switch version will indeed have some nice changes!

  7. 😀 You are welcome Sarah A and Yvo. ( Oh yeah, Time at Portia!!!! ) I am more into indies lately ever since Switch. I think they work very hard and need as much love as we can give. I am still waiting for Ooblets ( to post good news that they ) will come to switch ( Stalking the Developer )

    Speaking of coming up ideas…… I am not sure if it’s a deja vu or I joined in on a discussion (my selected memory kicks in) about what possibility they can add to AC….. but not long ago there was also a short thread in Nintendolife that “we” were discussing about “what if” Tomodachi Life come to the Switch. What they can add to the game to make it more lively (or life like) using online service. If they do this for AC and/or TL (if they will make a new game of that which I doubt or any that are very similar ) Paying for their NOS is justify in my book.

    1# Mini game for earning play coins to buy stuff – You can choose a job (first mini game is interview, lol!)

    Would love that there is a job mini game to it. Like you “work” (depend on how many star you earn on that day job), adds up to a set number to get a promotion. Each days earn a little bit of play coins so you can buy furnitures, clothing, gifts for friends.

    2# You can buy bigger room and/or small house (they let you move into a house after you got married in TL, so having a house seems fine) to customize it with furnitures.

    3#we can see and add real people and also communicate with them in the game in RL like chat, exchange gifts and all.

    4# Players can hang out in Splatoon “plaza” (I don’t know what they call it) simple chat, draws, dance, (don’t know what else ,lol!)
    So implement that to TL would be fun.

    5#Add shops where you can buy and sell/trades you don’t want or if you have a job making furnitures, cooks (like cooking mama), you can sell them. Mining? Fishing?


    1. Oops! The above ideas mentioned are for Tomodachi Life. 😛

      But Real players who can (#4) hang out in a Plaza. Open shop that can sell/trade stuff. Trades of Learning to make stuff to sell (like Fantasy Life) to the store or give/trade with RLP (real life players) can also be in AC.

  8. Ahh, this mimics my response entirely. In fact, the more I read peoples’ reactions the more it irritates me that they wasted 40 minutes of my time talking about character tweaks to a game that not only goes against the core reason that a lot of people own this console (it’s PORTABLE, who the hell is playing a multiplayer game on transit), but were wholly insignificant when they were going to be playing the game at Treehouse for 3 damn days!? Whew. That was a mouthful but I had to get that out!

    1. I was thinking more today that Nintendo could have gradually revealed more Smash info by using Switch’s news functionality. Each day they could have released changes and additions to characters, stages, assist trophies etc. Anyway, E3 is done and dusted, and we’ll get another Direct later in the year, so perhaps non-smash fans will be catered to then.

      1. I don’t think they wanted to sell Smash to existing Switch owners though. They probably wanted to cement it as a system seller instead.

        And something you said earlier just came to mind.
        [quote=Sab]they did mentioned that they want to make Switch to be Per-person instead of Per-household system[/quote]
        They’d better sell a cheaper version without the dock then. i don’t need more than one of those for my household.

    2. Totally agree. Some people reacted to my writings that I was just sour that there was no AC announcement but that’s not the only complaint. My main complaint is that like you said, they waisted a lot of people’s time. People who take the time to be there live and watch. Why not give the game titles that were crammed into the other 10 minutes more attention!

    1. Yeah, it could be quite the success for households with more than one gamer.
      Or become the slightly overfeatured successor to the 3DS. ;o}

    2. True. I see trouble ahead when AC comes in the future. The Switch is mine ( you’re mine, my precious, mine….) and handing it over to my daughter for her own AC game is not in the cards!

  9. Nintendo you are not bringing Animal crossing to the Switch? Then I guess I won’t be buying a switch. I’m saddened by E3. You use to do better. Bring better games please.

    1. So true Linda! Business wise it doesn’t make sense to just cater for Smash fans, as they probably already have a Switch. With Animal Crossing they’d reach a whole new group of gamers and sell more systems!

      1. I don’t really see why to be quite honest. Of course, diversity never hurts, but Smash is bringing exactly that to the system: a great party / online game that’s easy to get into but has enough depth to not be mastered in a few minutes.
        I wonder if you guys would’ve complained if an AniCro-segment of that Direct would have been just as long.

        Another question would be if the Switch isn’t too expensive for the typical AniCro player right now.

        1. I would have complained about an extra long detailed AC demo too. My big gripe isn’t that there’s no AC game (I’m probably not the biggest fan on site) but that the direct was badly put together. The game reel was so quick that I didn’t get to see everything, and what I managed to see was over in a second.

          1. This is how I feel exactly. It’s not about AC. And I personally think it could be a in the late 2019, so they are not going to show it yet (not going to even hint it, like they did for Meteoroid 4 or Pokemon last year)

            People (who kept thinking that those who voiced out their unhappiness are those who only want to see AC) still don’t get it. It’s how badly put together for the biggest show of the year (If it’s any other regular direct, I probably would have forgive the bad show. )

            I want to see a fun, entertaining show ( this is how Nintendo do their show “their own way” ). Even last year was a nice show (even without AC) The spotlight was for Super Mario Odyssey but only 3-4 mins (not 30mins) long…… oh, and they show what?…. Meteoroid 4 (I have lost count of how many people all over the net hoping to see)

            And the show was “E3 2017. Presentation includes more details about Super Mario Odyssey and other Nintendo Switch games, with a “focus” on games launching in 2017″ ( Meteoroid 4 or Pokemon is not launching game of 2017 (not even for 2018) even without focusing on it, they did show it. )

            This year…. “Get a look at Nintendo Switch games for 2018, including Super Smash Bros”
            “Include”, not what everyone are saying …. “mainly focusing” ((unless I misread the meaning)

            I talk so much, I just wish people would understand. I am not a hater/whiner/entitled brats…. I just call a spade a spade. I will say the same for Playstation, too much talking, and the “banjo” playing in the beginning, what’s that about?. But I did not spend my time watching all the other brands (Microsoft/xbox/PS/and all the other developers)

            This is my last voice out. It’s all yesterday news, I’ve moved on ( or so I thought, lol! )

        2. While I would have been chuffed to have AC announced, I still would have understood that people who don’t intend to play it don’t want to see 80% of the E3 presentation about it! That’s what the TreeHouse is for.
          I don’t agree that the Switch would have been too expensive for typical AC gamers. They are a group who just hasn’t seen a game on it yet that justifies buying the system for!

  10. It’s nice to see that you are all self-aware enough to say it was just too much. (As i said it also was for me.)
    I only asked it out of curiosity to see if you guys are honest to yourself here. ;o}
    And i also agree that presentation-wise they should’ve done it Treehouse-style. That would at least have been somewhat interesting.

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