Survey: Video Games and Mental Health

In the last YvoCaro Plays I talked about how difficult it is to explain Animal Crossing to a non- gamer. You can describe exactly what it is you do on your island, but it’s so much more than that. Researching the internet I found articles about the health benefits of Animal Crossing. Very intriguing that Animal Crossing, a game I dearly love, and I suspect so do many of you, has such a profound effect on people.

Of course, New Horizons was released right at the start of the pandemic, but still. I’m sure there are a lot of games that help us in the same way, so it’s time for a survey: Video Games and Mental Health. With the help of one of our long-time patrons we made this survey. As always, no email addresses are collected, so feel free to give us your opinion or experience.

Thanks for filling it out. We will leave this one open till after the Summer months, to give people a chance to join. After that you can expect the results on LadiesGamers of course.

Link to the Survey 


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