Guide to ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. 

Happy Home Paradise DLC has been released for Animal Crossing New Horizons. As is usual at LadiesGamers when we love a game we write a guide. So of course we had to have a guide for ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. Interested in having a look at some of our other Animal Crossing New Horizon’s guides? You can find them all here. 

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Meeting Lottie

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise

You’ll know when your paid DLC is included in your game as it will say 2.0, and a little house icon next to the version number which is shown on the right top side of the screen.

When you come out of your house, Tom Nook calls to tell you there is someone at the airport. At the airport, you will meet Tom Nook and Lottie. They explain that Lottie is an expert in home design and is taking orders for custom vacations homes.

Talk to Orville, and he lets you know you can travel to Peach Reef airport. Click on “I want to go to work” in the menu, and off you go.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers

Once on the island, you meet Niko, follow Niko to the office. Inside the office, you’ll meet Lottie again. She tells you that Niko is the guy to talk to travel to other islands on the archipelago. And he can take you straight to any island.

Wardell is in charge of managing furniture and finding new furniture. Wardell also works in the souvenir shop in the office which you can buy from too.

Lottie sends you to the locker room upstairs to get changed, and you’ll find a uniform in the locker beside the mirror. You can use the mirror and cabinet in the room to get your look how you want it. A storage chest in the staff room is connected to your storage on your home island. So anything you place in the storage automatically goes directly into the storage in your house. Join Lottie downstairs, and she welcomes you to Paradise Planning.
Your first client arrives in the office, mine was Eloise. Time to get decorating a vacation home.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Change into your uniform

Lets Decorate

Your client will describe their vision of what they would prefer and suggest furniture they would like you to use. Then, Niko takes you by boat to the island your client has chosen. Inside the house, you will find a few boxes. Inside the boxes is the furniture your client would like you to use. Use A to remove the items from the boxes.

Start decorating mode by pressing down on the D-pad. You can check the furniture available to use by pressing right on the D-pad once in decorating mode. Design the room by arranging the furniture, picking furniture that matches the client’s request.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Let’s decorate

Under the Order tab, you will find the clients requested furniture to use in the room and items that are likely to fit the client’s concept. By pressing the X button, you can pull up different Variations in colour for some of the furniture items.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Add lights to the ceilings

You can also use your patterns as wallpaper in the Happy Home Paradise Vacation homes. Designing the room is mainly similar to how you move furniture in your own house. Add accent wallpaper, ceiling lights, furniture.

Once you have finished, speak to the client to complete the room. Then, it’s time to sit back and watch your client enjoy your work.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Promote our vacation homes

Back at the Office

Back to the office you have a chat with Lottie. Lottie pays you for your work in Poki. Poki is the currency of the vacation island, so that you won’t be getting any Bells. You can spend Poki only on the happy Home Paradise island. You’ll find some items to spend your Poki on in the shop in the office.

You can return to Lottie as your next lesson will be on Sales. Lottie suggests that you venture outside to the beach and look for some island vacationers. She wants you to promote some sales and offer the Paradise Planning services to any vacationers you choose on the beach.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Blue writing is a clue

Outside of the office, you meet Niko again. He sends you off with a clipboard in hand to find some vacationers. As you walk up to them, a speech bubble appears above their heads, the blue writing in the speech bubble is your clue to what kind of house they would like, such as a mysterious house or one with rhythm.

Once you pick a vacationer and chat with Lottie, you get presented with a map to choose on what island to decorate a home. You can change the season of the island you pick by pressing the X button.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Pick a home on the map

Decorate the Exterior of the Home

On the island you have picked, you can decorate the outside and inside of the house. You can redesign the exterior of the home by pressing down on the D-pad to enter remodelling mode and place the cursor on the ground outside and press the X button. This also allows you the change the exterior of the house, place fences, trees, flowers. You can also move bridges and inclines, and change those to a different design.  Don’t forget to design the inside of the house as well.

To enter Fence or Path building mode, press +. To change the time and weather press up on the D-pad. Change the season if you wish by pressing left on the D-pad, and you can place furniture and or plants by pressing right on the D-pad.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
decorate outside

Design Portfolio

After you have decorated a few homes, Niko announces that there is a Design Portfolio with photos of all the homes that have been decorated. you’re asked to take a photo of the wonderful decorating. You can use the Camera Pro app on your phone for this.

You can press the right on the D-pad to change outfits and down on the D-pad to move folks around in the mode for taking Portfolios photos. Once in the photo portfolio mode, you can press Y on the client, and you enter Matching Mode, where you can match their outfit to the costume of your character. It’s dress-up time!

You can also press L in photo mode to hide one of the characters in the room. Tripod camera and first-person camera modes are also available to use.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
customise the colours of some items

Happy Home Network

Show the finished photo to your client, and you are returned to the office to get paid in Poki. Lottie gives you an app for your phone. Happy Home Network is now available on your phone. Here you can check on the vacation home you have decorated and you can also use the Happy Home Network app to travel back to the home in the photo. 

After all that, it’s just a case of continuing to decorate homes as and when you want to. You can go back to your own island at any stage and return to the Paradise Planning Services via a free flight from the airport.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers

Polish Furniture

Once you have completed a few more homes, the ability to Polish furniture is taught to you by Niko. It’s quite a cool addition and such fun to watch your character polish all the furniture. To polish furniture you press the A button to make an item shine and press the Y button to remove the shine. 

As you progress, other furniture items get unlocked, and eventually, Lottie will suggest you try decorating the homes on the island the office is on.

The first one that you get to decorate of those is a school. Carry on decorating other homes, and you are eventually promoted to Promising Designer and get a pay rise of Poki, which is increased to 9,000. More uniform variations are unlocked as well. And the break room on the second floor will have a DIY workbench you can use. Continue decorating, and eventually, you will unlock the room resizing feature.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Decorate the school

Design a School

Once you get to design the school, you also get to play with Room Settings. If the room you decorate feels too small or too large, you can change its size. Press down on the D-pad to enter Decorating Mode. Then press left on the D-pad to begin adjusting the size of the room.

You can make the room bigger or smaller using the left stick and pick which setting you wish. Using the R shoulder button will move it to the Windows tab, and you can choose if you want the room to have windows or not.

After that, you can decorate the room though you should note that you need a set amount of the chosen furniture this time. Such as four school chairs. Once you have decorated the room, talk to Lottie. She asks you to pick a staff member to run the school; you can choose one of the vacationers you decorated homes for previously.

ACNH LadiesGamers’s
Partition wall

Partition Wall

Shortly after you decorate the school and a few more homes, Niko will tell you about Partition Walls. A partition wall lets you section off part of the room. You’ll find the Partition wall under the Others tab. Unfortunately, you can’t hang any items on them, but you can put wallpaper on the walls.

After you return to the office, Niko gives you a DIY recipe so you can craft and add Partition walls to your own home back on your own island.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Lottie throws a party

Party time

Once you decorate ten homes, Lottie throws a party to celebrate your success. Shortly after that, when you have decorated a few more houses, good news you receive a pay rise again. Your pay goes up to 12,000 Poki, nice! Receiving this pay rise also unlocks another selection of work clothes, so check out the locker to see those.

A short while after you have decorated the school and completed a few more homes, I had eight completed, Leif showed up. Leif is looking for the school to give a lecture on flowers and hybrids. After Leif’s talk in the school, you can now use all hybrid flowers and vegetables in the gardens of the homes you are decorating for vacationers. The Amiibo Reader unlocks in the office, now you can invite by scanning Amiibo.

Upgrade to the Polishing Ability

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
special polishing effects

You receive a Polishing upgrade once the 12th home is completed. Complete the room and talk to the client, and Niko interrupts. Now you can make Special Effects on the furniture. Press the L shoulder button to go into Polishing mode and press + pick one of ten polishing effects to add to your furniture. You can also use some of your patterns by pressing X.

After you return to the office and chat with Lottie, she announces that planning permission has been granted, and you can decorate two Facilities. But, first, you have a decision to choose between a Restaurant or Cafe facility. So either a beautiful restaurant on Main Street or a cafe on the beach. It doesn’t matter which one you pick as you get to decorate both eventually. Just talk to Lottie again and select the Facilities option.

Now you can change the colour of the lighting inside the cafe by pressing up on the D-pad and continuously pressing up different mood lighting.

After you build the cafe, pick two staff members and don’t forget you can change their outfits to match, you receive 25,000 Poki for payment. Shortly after this, Lottie informs you that you can now take requests from the Café and Restaurant guests.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Pick two staff to run the cafe or restaurant

Happy Home Network App

On completing your 13th home, talk to Lottie in the office, and she announces a partnership with the Happy Home Academy and upgrades the Happy Home Network App. Now you can view other people’s work in the Happy Home Network app and you also get to visit the vacationers home they have visited.

Using the Happy Home Network app, you can set up your profile and post some of those photos you have been taking of the homes you have decorated. And go on tours of vacation homes and facilities that other people have designed. Once in the app press + to enter the showroom where you (A Nintendo Online Membership is required to use this feature) can view designs other have made. Share your creations, and get your Happy Home Network ID.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Happy home network app

Take a Tour

To visit another person designs click on their design photo and press Tour. You can return to your own HHP island by taking to Wardell, and it’s probably the most he has said in all of the game so far. Wardell also lets you check the person Custom Design Portal to access their patterns.

ACNH HHP LadiesGamers
Can use crafted DIY items in homes

After the 15th home you decorate, Lottie informs you to speak to Niko. After a lengthy chat with Niko in the staff room, you can use the DIY furniture you have made yourself when decorating! You can only use the furniture you have already crafted. You can access your home storage from the staff room and use the DIY workbench to prepare some crafted furniture in the staff room.

ACNH HHP LadiesGamers
Find a roommate


Once you finish your 16th home, head back to the office. The second vacationer you helped arrives in the office and suggests they would like to have a roommate stay in their home.

You agree to find the vacationer a roommate with Niko’s help. You can use an Amiibo scanner to scan in a villager or choose one on the beach or in one of the facilities such as the cafe or restaurant. Talk to a vacationer that you have already designed a home for, as you can ask to be a roommate with other vacationers.

A further talk with Niko and whomever you have chosen to be a roommate, it’s time to head to a vacation home. Once inside, you can now change the mood lighting in a home the same way you could in the cafe. Go into decorating mode and press L on the D-pad, and move to the last tab on the right.

ACNH HHP guide LadiesGamers
Change the lighting in a room to mood lighting.


Upon returning the office after the 17th home, Lottie suggests taking a break and insists you go and find Wardell on the beach. You’ll discover Wardell on the fallen log under the palm tree on the beach. Once you talk to him, you have a new ability to add a Soundscape, an ambient sound, in other words, to the room.

When you are in decorating mode, press Left on the D-pad; you have the choice of 8 to choose from, Silence, Echo, Ocean, Fields, Jungle, Wind, Rain and Space.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Talk to Wardell about sounds.

Second Floor

On completion of the 18th home, Lottie suggests offering a two-storey house to vacationers. You can provide a re-model for previous clients and give them a two-story home too.

Go outside and select your victim, I mean vacationer, and have a chat at the table with Lottie. The vacationer is offered the choice of a one or two-story home at this point.

Important Note: I discovered this by accident. You can have more than one vacationer on one plot on the island map (i.e. home) on the map. Having more than one vacationer in a plot of land does not throw out the original vacationer from that plot. You get to design the home and garden as if you hadn’t already created a home there previously. Check the map picture below, where the cursor is pointing, and the two photos at the side showing both vacationers. Try it out and see!

ACNH HHP Guide LadiesGamers
Two in one.

Famous Designer

Return to the office, and Lottie announces that you are now a Famous Designer. Pay rise time! 15,000 Poki. The selection of work uniforms is updated. You can now propose your own home designs to clients, and you can now invite Special Characters like Tom Nook and Isabelle through Amiibo!

After a short while, Niko gives a DIY talk in the school, and you find you now can add Wooden Pillars, Low Wooden Counter and a Tall Wooden Counter to the homes you design, and best of all, you get DIY recipes for all three items to so you can craft them.

ACNH HHP LadiesGamers
New DIY’s

Special Event

On reaching 20 homes decorated, Lottie throws a party to celebrate your success. Lottie has a great idea; you have to organise a Special Music event, but first, you must decorate a few more homes. Better get busy!

When home 22 is complete, a storyline event happens back at the office revolving around Lottie. When the story event finishes, carry on designing vacation homes. Back at the office, and Lottie is happy with the team. She gives you a gift of nigirizushi, a dish of food.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers

Build a Hospital

Build a hospital with two rooms: a Waiting room and an Examination room. You’ll earn 25,000 Poki for your hard work.

Lottie asks you to find Wardell; he’s in the same place as last time. After your talk with him, you have updated Soundscapes. Forest, Park, City, Chatter, Cheering, Construction Healing, and Creaking.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers

Back at the office, Lottie asks Niko about scaffolding erected at the north beach. What’s going on?

Carry on designing homes, and when you return to the office, Tom Nook is waiting on you. Tom has something to say; once he has finished, you unlock the Nook Shopping items, giving you a more extensive choice of furniture to use.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Nook shopping catalogue

Automatic Bell Dispenser

An automatic Bell Dispenser is installed in the HHP office. You can now deposit Poki or withdraw Poki. And it also exchanges Poki into Bells or vice versa. The exchange rate changes every day, and of course, there is a limit on how much you can exchange per day. By now, I had over 304,000 Poki so that I could exchange 15,000 Poki for 34,883 Bells. So it’s a 15,000 limit per day on exchanging Poki into Bells.

Decorate a few more homes, and back in the office, Niko announces that the unique music event venue is now ready. So carry on with your essential work of designing houses.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
ABD Poki style

Apparel Shop

Once you reach 30 homes decorated, it’s time to head out for a celebration; you get to pick the venue, cafe or restaurant. After the party, you find it’s time to build an Apparel Shop. Best get busy!

The Apparel Shop sells the latest hip Animal Crossing fashion, and the selection of clothes on offer changes daily. Mannequins come in three sizes, each showing off a different product. You can use up to six Mannequins in any combo you like by pressing Right on the D-pad once in decorating mode, and you’ll find them under the Order tab. When the shop is built, you can buy the clothes using Poki.

Talk to Lottie when you have finished the store, and she asks you which kind of clothes you want to display in the store. Take your pick. After the photo outside the Apparel shop is snapped, it is Party time. Enjoy the music. When it’s over, Lottie gives you a few new Dance Reactions, time to go and use those reactions on the dance floor.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Apparel Shop

Shopping Catalogue

You will have needed to have constantly been buying items from Wardell’s shop. Shortly after the party when you next purchase things from Wardell’s shop. Wardell should announce he will give you access to the catalogue of items you have been using in HHP homes. You can buy up to five items a day from Wardell’s shop. Happy shopping!

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Shop for furniture

Home Design Consulting service

After the music festival, if you visit Tom Nook in the Resident Services on your island, he will have a surprise for you. Tom Nook wants to offer a Home Design Consulting service to your islanders. Home Design Consulting means you can now redesign your islanders home, exterior and interior!

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Home design consulting

It costs 9,000 Bells to redesign an islander’s home. But the good news is you get some Nook Miles in payment once you have finished the redesign. So talk to Tom Nook and pick the Let’s Talk Homes option.

Tom lets you pick the house’s exterior in the Residents services; once that’s done, it’s time for the interior.

At the islander’s home, you can do everything you can do on the HHP island with TWO exceptions. For example, you can NOT resize the room nor add an upstairs to the house. When you have finished, you must wait until the next day to see the effects of your decorative achievements.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers
Time to redecorate Eugene’s home

Continue decorating and designing until you reach the milestone of 40 homes. Lottie suggests a celebration; pick a venue and enjoy the festivities.

More Decorating to Do

Carry on with the excellent work, and once you reach a total of 50 homes, Lottie suggests a party; you know what to do, pick a venue. After the party, decorate one more house and return to the office. Lottie announces that you are now a Superstar Designer, and your payment is 20,000 Poki. In addition, the selection of work uniforms is updated.

ACNH: Happy Home Paradise. LadiesGamers


Tip: Check the beach around the HHP main island, and you can chat to islanders whose homes you have already decorated. The first time you talk to them on the main island, after you have completed their home, they might give you an item of furniture, or wallpaper, flooring. Look around the beach daily for a bottle with a DIY recipe. 

Tip: On the Happy Home Paradise island on the cliffs behind the office you will find Glowing Moss plants in the ground and Vines hanging on the side of the cliffs. You can pull up the Glowing Moss plant and pull the Vines of the cliff and use them on your own island. The Vines can be used to attach to a cliff face similar to a ladder and the Glowing Moss plant can be planted and used in cooking recipes.

Tip: Use the updated polishing effect to show that Steam is rising from the food and give your photos a bit of a lift.

Tip: You can change staff or villagers in the cafe or any facility by going into the facility and pressing left on the D-pad. A menu comes up, and you can change staff or villager and their outfits.

ACNH HHP LadiesGamers
Buying a meal in the cafe

More Tips

Tip: Once the cafe is up and running, you can call in and speak to whoever is the host and buy a carry-out meal to take back to your island.

Tip: Talk to the chef in the kitchen in the restaurant, and you might be lucky to receive a recipe you can craft.

Tip: Buy souvenir chocolates in the office, and you can give them to your islanders on your island and invite them to HHP island to design a vacation home for them. Once you give the souvenir chocolate to one of your own islanders, you are both taken to the airport to fly to the HHP island.

This does not move the islander from your island to HHP island permanently, it’s only a visit. In fact, if you leave the HHP island you will find the islander you just left behind on HHP island on your home island, it’s like they’re in two places at once.

ACNH HHP LadiesGamers
Taking my buddy Eugene to Happy Home Paradise island

Take a Break

In between designing you should take a break every so often and have a run around the island as you are never sure what you will find next. I have come across some vacationers having a BBQ on the beach, though they didn’t invite me to their BBQ which is a bit concerning. Anyway, check out the picture below, nice to see the islanders interact with the sea.

ACNH HHP Guide LadiesGamers
Islanders enjoying the water

Happy decorating all!


    1. Hi Thanks for reading. Hmm I’m not to sure on the answer to your question. I know on the Happy Home Paradise island you can move the trees in a vacationers home outside in the garden as you are decorating the exterior of the house, but I don’t think you can move any trees beyond the point of their garden. Hope that helps!

      1. Hi, yes that’s correct inside the roped of area you are free to move the trees, and house within the ropes, including, bridges, inclines, and add in flowers, trees, etc. Thanks for reading.

    1. I’m on my 13th home and as yet I haven’t came across the ability to remove villages you have already made homes for. But when I do it will be adding to the guide. Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Thanks for reading. You will have the chance to be able to keep all the furniture that you use in the vacationers homes but that becomes available much later in the DLC, just keep decorating the homes and eventually it will happen.

  1. I can’t get the school. After the first few homes Lottie told me to take a break and I then found her outside the school. Then at 10 homes when they threw me a party, niko said I’m so glad we breathed new life into the old school house! I’ve completed about 12 houses and have unlocked the restaurant and cafe. But still no school. When I go to the doors they say it’s locked. When I go to Lottie she doesn’t even bring it up. I read that once the school is open then you can resize rooms. I can’t even do that. They now have me building the restaurant. I can’t do room interior size expansion either. What’s happened? Please help. Thanks so so much.

    1. Hi Thanks for reading. I’m not sure what has happened, have you spoken to Lottie and checked the option Facilities when you speak to her. If the school isn’t in the facilities option when you speak to Lottie I would think it’s just a case of continuing to play and waiting for it to click in.
      That is correct you do get the ability to adjust the size of the rooms after you finish the school. Sorry I can’t tell you why the school hasn’t become available for you to decorate yet, but keep at it and it should unlock.

      1. I just finished my second home (the first was the tutorial one). Then I just got the portifolio.. when I check the portifolio, it shows both homes I decorated, but no picture of the first home, because I was just asked tô take a photo of the second one… does anyone know if I’ll be able to take a photo of the first job and add to the portifolio?

        1. Hi thanks for reading, Lottie will ask you to go back to the first home you decorated to take a photo of it for the portfolio, so just keep at it until she asks then you can travel back to the home and take the photo.

    1. Hi, thanks for reading. You can change staff in the school or any facility by going into it and pressing Left on the D-pad, takes you into a menu and from there click on Pudge and you’ll find the option to change him for another villager, hope that helps.

  2. Hi, thanks for your post! I was wondering if it’s possible to change the name of a design project. I completed Azalea’s “House of Green Furniture” plan but I don’t like the name, can I change this somehow? Thanks!

    1. Hi thanks for reading. After decorating around 50+ homes you can actually name the design yourself. But so far I haven’t found a way to re-name the designs you have done previously in the game. If I do discover that you can change the names of the designs you have already completed I’ll be adding it to the guide. Hope that helps!

  3. Hello 🙂

    Thanks for the guide it helped allot.
    I have some thing you may can add to the guide.

    ·Poke Catalogue Unlocks after spending 200-250K, After hitting that amount ,the next day buy something and Wardell will talk about the Poke Catalogue option. Acces the Poke Catalogue by talking to Wardell in the future.
    ·When you hit this milestone you also unlock the option to buy a item and paying it later (talk to wardall to pay back you debt.)

    ·When the hospital is up and running you can Upgrade it by Donating 120K to the reception person in the hospital.
    The next day you will have the upper floor unlocked.

    ·Later in the game you will unlock the option to donate Materials for Nico’s DIY hobby (dont know the outome of this yet)

    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Thanks for reading and for the tips. I’ve the info in the guide for Wardell’s Catalogue just wasn’t sure on the amount that was needed to unlock it as I hadn’t been buying much from him when I was writing the guide. Cheers.

  4. I currently have Eloise on my island, but got someone else for my first HHP design. I’ve watched several people design their first home and everyone else has gotten Eloise. I assume you get her as the first unless you currently have her on your island.
    I’ve always had issues being able to get Amiibo’s. I got some with New Leaf because they came with my game and they are the only Amiibos I have because I don’t feel right buying the fake ones and all the ones I do find that are from Nintendo are jacked up by scalpers.

    1. Hi thanks for reading. That is correct because Eloise is already on you Island she isn’t your stating animal in HHP. You will be able to bring Eloise from your island to HHP later on in the game and design a home for her once that feature opens up.

      1. After further research, hybrids are unlocked as one grows them! IE you cant unlock green mums in HHP if you don’t have them on your island. You don’t have to breed them yourself, as long as they’re present on your island you will receive them on HHP.

  5. Update on Nico´s DIY Quest 🙂

    If you keep donating items he will teach you the following pairs:
    ·Tall/low/Pillar Simple
    ·Tall/low/Pillar Wood
    ·Tall/low/Pillar Brick
    ·Tall/low/Pillar Concrete
    ·Tall/low/Pillar Marble
    ·Tall/low/Pillar Steel
    ·Tall/low/Pillar Golden

    Cafe , Art Gallery

    After 50+ Houses you will get the option to Upgrade your cafe with a second floor. To start working on the Art Gallery talk to Lottie.
    Not sure what unlocks this option. Maybe you need To upgrade the Hospital before this option unlocks but i did not test this.

  6. My villagers on HHP have little green bubbles with white dots in them. I talk to them but some of them don’t do anything (a couple gifted me things) Does this mean they want a remodel or a roommate?

  7. Everytime I change seasons when I go to decorate the trees do not change. When I go from summer to spring the trees I try to add remain green. I have went back to my island closed the game and came back in and nothing.

  8. Thanks for the article. I can’t find anywhere what happens when you fill up all the spots on the map? I’m confused as I heard there is no limit to the amount of villagers you can have?

    1. Hi, You can continue to design new homes on the map, it doesn’t matter if there is a villager already in that spot as you can add multiple villagers to the once plot. Hope that helps.

  9. I’ve already designed and completed 30 homes. I customized one villager’s home on my island. When will I have access to change the color furniture or duplicate them or have the unlimited inventory as I do now on happy home?

  10. Hello! I need a bit of help
    When I open the game it says 2.5 and that house icon is there. However, when I start the game, I don’t get a phone call and when I go to the airport there’s no one there. Can someone help me?

  11. I’m stuck on break. I am not exactly sure how it happened. I decorated four houses for Lottie on the vacation island and then went home. When I went back the 5th time, Lottie wasn’t in the office, so I tried going upstairs to change into my uniform and couldn’t find a way to do so. I went back downstairs and Lottie still wasn’t there so I tried talking to Wardell, who didn’t have much info to give. So i went home and came back days later and talked with Niko who said I was on break. Uhhh, ok. Again, many days later, Niko keeps saying I’m on break. I’m not sure how this happened and how to go back to work?

    1. Hi! I have a question about the furniture we get from Wardell shop to use on our island. It has been showing all the furniture but the last few times i noticed that there haven’t been new additions to the shop (even if my new houses have different furniture). Is there a limit in the furniture Wardell can sell?

      Thank you

  12. I have completed all my facilities and over 30 houses including 7-8 pairs of roommates yet I am not given the option to expand my restaurant for a second floor private dining area. All the info says I should be able to do so but I am only given the option to remodel. Can anyone give me advise. Thanks.

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