Dragon Quest Treasures Guide

Dragon Quest Treasures Guide

As we say at LadiesGamers, we write a guide when we love a game. Dragon Quest Treasures is a fun adventure game; I gave it our highest score of Two thumbs Up when I reviewed it. While the game tells you most things you need to know, it leaves some important information out. However, that’s where we come in, so here’s our Dragon Quest Treasures Guide. Let’s get started.

The Basics

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Please wake up, Erik. Let’s go!

X Button: Roll
X Button: Press and hold to heal Erik or Mia.
Y Button: Attack
A Button: Confirm
B Button: Jump and Cancel
Right Stick: Move Camera
Right Stick: Push down to reset the camera.
Crouch: Push down on Left Stick
Move: Left Stick

Use a Monster’s Forte: Hold the Left shoulder button, then press either A, X or Y.
Treasure Vision: Press the Left shoulder button + the B button.
Use Catapult: (from this moment on, it is called the Slingshot) Press ZR to use the Slingshot. You keep pressing the ZR button like a trigger to shoot a pellet. Next, change a pellet by pressing Y or scrolling with the D-pad to select a different pellet. Finally, press A to put the Slingshot away.
Unleash the Dragon: Press the Right shoulder button, then press either Y/X/A/B depending on the attack you want to use.
Open Map: Minus button, ZL and ZR to change the island, Left and Right shoulder buttons to move to a lower level, press Y for island info and press X for current location, and Right stick zooms the map in and out.
Open Menu: Plus button
Give Orders: Press up on the D-pad to send your monsters away. Then, press down on the D-pad to call them back.
Skip Cutscenes: Press the + button twice

Now we have the basic controls down pat, we will move on to other aspects of the gameplay.


Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
save and heal at campfires

Dotted throughout the open world of Draconian are Campfires. At each one, you should save your game. The game automatically saves only after a big event or cutscene. If you die out in the open world, you will lose some of the treasure you collected and be sent back to your last save point. Not only are they invaluable for saving your game, but campfires also heal your party’s health and MP.

How to Heal

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Collecting the daggers

To heal either Erik or Mia, you press and hold the X button, and they use their dagger to heal themselves. In addition, to heal a monster in your party, you use the Slingshot and fire a healing pellet at them until the health bar above their head is filled. Finally, if a monster happens to die during a fight, you must revive them by standing beside them and holding the X button.

Boxes, Pots and Gathering

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Break boxes and pots

Break every pot and box you find in Draconia, as some contain items for you to use, primarily pellets for your Slingshot.

There are many plants, ore and valuable items to collect in Dragon Quest Treasures while running around the world. Gather everything you see; you never know when it will be helpful. Items you find are used to pay a fee to a monster you want to recruit to your team; more soon.


Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers

You will be hunting and collecting plenty of treasure in Dragon Quest Treasures. Treasure is used to increase the rank of your base. Increasing the rank of your base means you also open up new facilities in your base.

There is a map at the train station with a list of destinations. First, you choose an island where you’ll want to start hunting for treasure from the list at the station. Then, Purrsula and Porcus will provide a Treasure Forecast for all islands, informing you what sort of treasure awaits you there.

Golden Ratio

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Golden ratios

They will also show you the Golden Ratio, a percentage for each island which indicates your current party’s capabilities of finding treasure there. The higher the Golden Ratio, the better chances for you to find lots of treasure.

Depending on the Golden Ratios for each island, you can swap your party monsters out by pressing the minus button and selecting different party members until the ratio increases.

There are a few different kinds of treasure to find; Silver treasure chests contain bric-a-brac, and Gold treasure chests contain the goodies you are hunting for. You can find the bric-a-brac treasure anywhere, and to find the Gold Treasure chests, you must use the Fortune Finder.

Fortune Finder

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
There’s treasure around.

While out in the world, keep an eye on your monsters as they will indicate when the treasure is near, a speech bubble with a treasure chest icon appears above their heads. Using Erik of Mia’s Fortune Finder’s unique ability from the Dragon Dagger, by pressing the Left shoulder button and the B button, a compass appears at their feet, showing the general direction to follow.

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Use the fortune finder.

Monsters Treasure Vision

Once you move closer to the treasure, it’s time to use the Monsters Treasure Vision to help. By holding the Left shoulder and B buttons, your monster will show pictures of where the treasure is located. Then you match the picture up with your surroundings, and once you head in that direction, a glow will appear, start digging by holding the A button, and you’ll find a chest with treasure.

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Treasure Vision

Your party monster carries the treasure you have found. However, they can only carry a limited amount, and you will have to return to your base often. To have your treasure appraised, which reveals the treasure’s name, appearance, and value, you must also return to your base. The value of a treasure will depend on its condition: mint, fine, or fair.


Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Using the slingshot

Out in the open world, you will have a team of three monsters tagging along with you. Naturally, any monster roaming around is fair game to pick a fight. However, you might be in trouble if the red level bar above their head is much higher than your team’s levels.

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Call the Cavalry Dragon Attack

Erik and Mia can fight using their daggers, but it’s much better to play the role of supporting character using the Slingshot from a distance. Your party monsters will automatically attack as you pass by a monster in the field. You can choose to join in or not; the party monsters continue to fight until you walk away. You can call your party monsters to you by pressing down on the D-pad. Alternatively, you can press up on the D-pad to send them into battle.

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Lend support

During a fight, when Erik and Mia land a hit on enemy monsters, it charges up their Dagger Gauge meter. Once the meter is full in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen and charged for up to three uses, you can perform a powerful Dragon Attack. Press the Right shoulder button, then press either Y/X/A/B depending on the attack you want to use.

Use sneak to get an advantage over monsters; sneak up behind them by crouching to get a Suprise attack and do more damage. In addtion, by using sneak, you might stun the monster, too, dealing more damage.

Befriend Monsters

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Add monsters to your team.

Unlike other monster-catching games, you don’t actually catch monsters. Instead, you need to scout them and use Buddy Bullets by defeating them in combat, so they want to join your gang of their own choice.

Recruiting a monster that wants to join your party, is completed back at base. Go to Miss Cecily and select the “See potential new recruits” option to see who wants to join your little team.

Each Monster has its own rating and rarity. These ratings are Rainbow, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Rainbow-rated Monsters are the most difficult to catch, while Bronze Monsters would be the easiest. You need to have a selection of items for them to recruit; this is why collecting and gathering everything you find is essential.


dragon quest treasures LadiesGamers
Using the launch forte

Fortes are skills all the monsters in Dragon quest Treasures have; they are helpful to you in moving around the game’s environment.

Launch Forte: It allows monsters in your party to throw Erik and Mia high up in the air, allowing them to access certain areas that are otherwise difficult to reach.

Glide Forte: The glide forte allows the Monster to use its wings and jet boosters to fly and propel Erik and Mia safely down from heights or to float slowly in the air to reach remote areas.

Sprint Forte: Sprint allows you and the Monster that has that ability to sprint for a short period. It can vary a little in speed and time it lasts, based on the Monster with the ability. Thankfully, it wholly nullifies any fall damage too, which is fantastic for someone like me who keeps falling off cliffs.

Stealth Forte: Stealth allows for underground movement as the Monster can dive and burrow deep into the ground with Erik and Mia. Letting them bypass obstacles and safely pass through areas without alerting an enemy to your presence.

Scan Forte: The scan forte highlights nearby foraging points, and the number of crafting materials available in that area will also be shown to you. This forte is the least useful out of them all.

Despatch Monsters on Quests

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
The base

Once you have a pool of monsters, you can despatch a team of them to go on treasure-hunting quests on their own. Taking to Mr Muddimer at the base, you can form a team of monsters and send them off to an island. They will return to base after a short while with a bunch of treasure.

Quests and Daily Quests

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers

It won’t be long until you have a pile of quests, but it can be hard to keep track of them. That’s where the quest menu comes in; you can check it to see what quest you want to do. They can be done in any order; obviously, you must complete the quests to drive the story forward.

You can pin a quest as your current objective by pressing the A button on a quest in the menu. It then appears on your map as a golden emblem with an exclamation mark, making it easy to find. At the Train Station, there is a Daily Quest board; complete the daily quests and return to the board to earn a reward.

Rival Gangs

defeat rival gangs

When you have progressed the storyline, the game will introduce Rival gangs into the gameplay. A rival gang can appear anywhere while you explore the world, and their objective is to steal your treasure.

In addition, you have to be on guard for Rival Gangs as they can attack your base directly to steal treasures from your vault. Furthermore, they can attack allies you sent on an expedition. Therefore, take them on and defeat them in a battle to defend the treasure and increase its value.

The Base

Dragon Quest Treasures LadiesGamers
Arriving at the base

As you build up your base, more and more facilities open that help you on your journey.

Worker Dormitory: Mr Muddimer runs the Worker Dormitory, and you can organise your party members. Also, Dispatch monsters out on a mission and Dismiss monsters from your team.

Personnel Department: Run by Miss Cecily, you can check out new recruits and add new facilities to your base.

B. Rix’s Emporium: Here, you can buy or sell materials, and Bricky Rox also sells food recipes and pellet formulae.

Chez Blancmange: Talk to Madam Blancmange to cook dishes to gain helpful buffs and buy food. You can also create rare dishes using recipes.

The Werk: Visit Alex in the Werk to create various pellets with different effects. You can also buy pellets and recipes using gold and craft new pellets.

So that’s it, I hope our little guide is helpful to you. Enjoy hunting for treasure!

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