Night At The Museum In Animal Crossing New Horizons

It was a quiet night on the tranquil Island of Lanayru in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Mac-J had finished her daily island tasks and as most of the island residents where busy doing their own thing, Mac-J went for a visit to the Lanayru Museum.

Not long upgraded from a shabby green tent to an large museum. Mac-j met the museum’s lovable curator Blathers the Owl at the front hall of the museum.

After a friendly chat and catch up with Blathers, Mac-j went for a dander around the impressive museum. Into the fish room to see some of the fish that have already been caught.

In the first tank, Mac-J came across a few fish she had caught. A lovely King Salmon with its pink belly caught on the sunny Island of Calaveras in the Southern Hemisphere while visiting. In the same fish tank is the Sturgeon caught  at the river mouth down near the beach in the rain.

Moving along in to the next room Mac-j came across the very large tank holding her prize and joy catch of a Great White Shark. After a fierce battle to reel in the Great White Shark from the sea on a visit to the sunny shores of Calaveras, Mac-J was happy to hand her catch of the day over to Blathers. The shoal of Anchovy’s swimming in the tank and the chilled out music in the Museum prove to be hypnotic to Mac-J and she spends quite a bit of time watching the fish swim about.

Looping back through the museum Mac-j came across a fish tank with Tadpoles, Loach, Bitterling and Koi Carp swimming around in the crystal clear water. Mac-j reminiscences about the day she caught the Tadpole and the Koi Carp in the pond on Lanayru. And the Bitterling and Loach that where caught in the river under the watchful eye of Snake, one of Lanayru’s esteemed residents.

Off to visit the Fossil Room next to see how the dinosaur fossils are fitting together. Mac-j discovers one of the fossils is completed and it’s a Parasurolophus. Mac-J was extremely pleased to see the finished specimen.

After that, it was off to the Bug room to have a look at the creatures there.  Mac-J stared in shock at the Wasps nest hanging from the tree, as she remembered how many times the nasty stingy creatures had attacked her while she was innocently shaking trees on the isle of Lanayru. They had got their comeuppance now hadn’t they, she thought as she clapped happily.

In the next room Mac-J visited she found her previous catches of a Pill bug and Centipede which she found on a rock one day. And the gorgeous pink Orchid Mantis that was caught while it sat on a flower petal in Mac-J garden.

Last stop on Mac-J’s visit to the museum was to visit her arch nemesis. A creature that frightened Mac-J on more than one occasion as it came out of nowhere, scurrying across the grass towards her at night. A creature so hairy and creepy that Mac-J still has nightmares about it.

Until one night she was extremely brave and cautiously creeped towards one of the menacing creatures and snared it in her net. It now resides in it own protective vivarium in the museum.

Ha ha take that Tarantula, no more scurrying for you!! 




  1. I LOVE the museum! One of my favorite actions in New Leaf was finding a fossil Blathers didn’t have yet – I’m so glad they further developed the museum into what it is.

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