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Loot Hero DX Review (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Loot Hero Dx
Genre: Action, Arcade,
System: Nintendo Switch (also Steam, PS4 & Xbox)
Developer|Publisher: VaragP Studios | Ratalaika Games
Age Rating: EU 7+ | US Everyone
Price: US $4.99 | UK £4.99 | EU €4,99
Release Date: January 21st 2021

Review code provided with many thanks to Ratalaika Games

I am Fire

A dragon has invaded the lands along with its army of nasties and it’s up to a brave knight to move right and sometimes left attacking enemies and saving the day. Loot Hero DX is a switch your brain off adventure with simple controls, simple gameplay and an experience that you will probably easily finish in under an hour. 

LadiesGamers Loot Hero DX
Simple plot for a simple game

Press Right, Sometimes Left to Win

The controls are dead simple. You move right and your character automatically attacks any enemy in its path provided it has sufficient stats for attack and defense. If your hero is not adequately powered up you lose health and sort of just bounce off the enemies. To conquer this you then simply move left back the way you came and move down enemies you are strong enough to defeat. Collect the gold and then spend it at one of the many houses in each level to improve your stats.

If you continue this combination of moving left and right you have pretty much mastered the game and all that there is to offer in Loot Hero DX. It is pretty fun to level up and then simply push the right button and watch your knight mow down armies of enemies. There’s a somewhat stress relief feeling about its design.

LadiesGamers Loot Hero DX
When you stop to look at enemies you may discover some ride pandas

Pixel Power

The graphics are pixel based. There is a decent variety of enemies and level designs in a typical fantasy setting with an appropriate soundtrack playing as you mow down the baddies. There is also a large boss at the end of each level but it’s hardly a threat since you just simply move into it to defeat it. No projectiles to avoid and no patterns to remember. 

LadiesGamers Loot Hero DX
Time to upgrade and have a coffee

Over in a Flash

Once you have slain the dragon at the end of the last level you unlock a miner who you can observe in the main menu. If you check up on him/her now and then you are rewarded with gold in the game but this all feels pretty pointless as you can earn gold much quicker just playing the game.

The incentive to replay the game is to unlock various achievements, most of which involve going through the game again and slaying the dragon multiple times. For me I felt I saw everything the game had to offer in well under an hour. It’s funny I usually feel most video games are far too long these days, so Loot Hero Dx is a rare example where I would say it could really do with a bit more content. It feels like this game design could be turned into a cool arcade title. Maybe that will happen next time.

LadiesGamers Loot Hero DX
Mowing down hordes of enemies is pretty fun

In a Rush

At the end of the day Loot Hero DX is a very basic game at a cheap price point. For some the experience will be an enjoyable distraction for a few minutes. The gameplay lacks depth but there is something kinda fun about just moving down enemies and watching the gold fly towards your character. It is understandable that many gamers will be expecting much more.

To me Loot Hero DX is like a stress ball. You play it for a bit to blow off some steam. Put it down and get on with your day.

Final Verdict: I like it

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