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Old World – The Sacred and The Profane DLC Preview

DLC code used with many thanks to Hooded Horse.

Mohawk Games are releasing a new DLC for their popular strategy game, Old World. I reviewed the game when it was released last year on Steam, and I gave it an I like it a lot score.

The Sacred and The Profane DLC is releasing on January 16th 2023, and it will add and expand on the religious aspects of the base game Old World.

Religious Events

Old World DLC LadiesGamers

Most of the DLC adds new events to the game, and there are over 350 events included that will pop up during gameplay. Naturally, these new events are mainly focused on religion in the ancient world. They range from small rituals to the everyday beliefs of your population.

In addition, the events will lead to power struggles of your state’s religions and the emergence of newer world religions. But, of course, Old World is set in a time when world religions were young and still trying to find their feet in the world.

New Clergy Characters

Old World DLC LadiesGamers

Furthermore, this DLC adds new Clergy characters, and these new characters will join your court and bring their new missions and projects. They are similar to courtiers, though the main difference is that the yields they give depend on the religion’s opinion rather than their own. You can also induct existing characters into the clergy through a mission by the state religion’s leader.

Of course, you may have to deal with some religious dissent, as negative religious opinions in your cities can create rebels. To squash any rebellions, you have two choices: either resort to violence by sending in the governor or send in the clergy to resolve it peacefully.

Six New Historical Characters

Old World DLC LadiesGamers

Six new historical characters are part of the DLC, and they all come with their own unique event chains. The new characters are:

Mani – the founder of Manichaeism
Paul – Fiery Christian convert and early Bishop
Josephus – Jewish rebel, general, and scholar
Ostanes – One of the rumoured great magic users
Sappho – Greek poetess
Hypatia – Alexandrian scientist and philosopher

The DLC also adds three core traits that have leader effects and can be naturally gained by characters in your cities. The traits added by events and others mark characters as clergy members.

New City Projects

Old world DLC LadiesGamers

Also, events now add new cult improvements. For example, you can improve your city’s shrines and religious buildings. These improvements use the existing Shrine models, but each has a solid unique effect. They also have follow-up events that can cause problems or lead to the leader becoming obscure.

Old world dlc LadiesGamers

Since I’ve reviewed the game, it has had a few updates and gameplay tweaks. While I’ve played the game the last few days with the DLC active, I’ve enjoyed it. The DLC adds more components to the gameplay. It’s definitely worth adding to your game to expand on the already intricate gameplay that Old World offers.

Old World – The Sacred and The Profane (DLC) is available to buy for $4.99/ £TBC/ EU € TBC on Steam, Epic and GOG. 

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