Review Scrap (Nintendo Switch)

Game: Scrap
Genre: Platformer
System: Nintendo Switch (also on iOS)
Developer| Publisher: Woodland Games | Ultimate Games
Price: USA $4.99| UK £4.49| EU €4.99
Age Rating: EU 3+| USA E
Release Date: 21st June 2019

Review code kindly provided by Ultimate Games

You’re a tiny bot escaping from your factory home on a journey for freedom. Unable to stop from moving, jump and react to your oncoming challenges!

Jump, Jump & Away!

The games premise is very simple, your little robot doesn’t stop moving from left to right, all you can do is jump to avoid the oncoming obstacles. You can double jump and collect various power ups as you move. The courses start of simple but evolve and grow more complex to include new challenges and enemies to avoid.

There are 30 levels across 3 areas, with a bonus level in each area unlocked by clearing each levels 3 additional challenges. These challenges include; collecting enough power cells dotted around each level, not dying and jumping a certain number of times. It’s a modest package but provides a solid challenge!

Short But Sweet

This game is also available for iPhones which explains its brevity. Nevertheless it’s solidly designed, and visually sound. There are short, charming cutscenes between areas and the dystopian aesthetic has plenty of nice detail. It’s minimalistic soundtrack pairs well also.

It only took around 2 hours to clear through every main level, but there’s still the additional challenges and bonus stages to unlock. The game is accordingly priced and currently discounted if you were interested!

The Verdict

Like the game, my review is a little brief. Despite being short however, the game provided a satisfying challenge and is a robustly designed package. Anyone interested in a game thats challenges won’t consume hours upon hours look no further.

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