Sean’s Animal Crossing Roleplay Journal Entry 2

Wow! What an amazing couple of days it has been. My first night on the island I slept so peacefully. The gentle lapping of the waves sent me drifting off quicker than I ever have before. I am currently sat in my favorite place on our new island paradise. On the northern shore I have found a small outcrop of rocks. The waves gently send a little mist of refreshing spray onto my feet and so I think I will write my journal here regularly. Read on to catch up on my adventures over the past couple of days.

Day 2-3

On our first full day on the island I ran around like a fool! I caught so many amazing bugs and fish that Mr Nook didn’t know what to do with them all. He contacted his close friend Blathers who apparently runs a museum on the mainland. Mr Nook thinks the variety of specimens on the island might tempt him to open a museum here as well! I have managed to use the work bench in resident services. Alongside the fishing pole and net, I made a pretty decent spade. I decided to head off into the woods on the east side of the island and do some exploring.

Before I could set off, I bumped into my neighbor Pierce. He seems to be settling in well. I noticed over at the airport they have a stand for postcards. I am going to send everyone on the island a welcome card to try and form some friendships. Pierce seems to really like sport, and I found a gym t-shirt in a tree (of all places!), so I am going to give it him as a gift. I hope he likes it.

A walk in the woods

Anyway, on my walk in the woods I came across a strange marking on the floor. Luckily, I had my new spade with me. A couple of moments later and I was holding a big chunk of rock! I couldn’t for the life of me work out what it was but hopefully Blathers will be able to help with that when he arrives. The forest is so peaceful. In the distance I can see a small cliff. I won’t be able to scale it yet, but I hope one day I will. Ill speak to Mr. Nook about it when I get chance.

When I returned home, I noticed I had some mail. I quickly opened the letter, it said it was from Nintendo! Mr. Nook told me they sponsored the island getaway experience so I guess it makes sense they will make contact occasionally. Anyway, the letter had a parcel with it, and inside… a snorkel mask! I cannot wait to go swimming soon although Ill need to buy a wetsuit first. I am going to get one at resident services when I have the time.

Shoreline Treasures

I have realised that along the shore a lot of shells and other items seem to wash up. I started collecting these and decided to check if I could sell them. Turns out… this is quite a little money maker! I should even have enough to think about buying a few things for my tent soon. That said, the tent does feel quite small. Luckily, Mr. Nook spoke to me earlier about the option of building something a little sturdier. I agreed it would be for the best and he said he might just surprise me with how quick he can fix something up for me.

Tomorrow Blathers arrives and I can ask him to look over all the amazing things I have found on the island. Mr. Nook also might have done some work on finding me something a bit sturdier than this tent. I’m almost too excited to fall asleep!

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