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Castaway Paradise is a simulation game, this is an open sandbox type of game, and all that you have to do is live among a bunch of slightly odd-looking anthropomorphic characters. Completing tasks that they give you, and building your island the way that you see fit. As usual, when we like a game, we try to make a guide so hopefully, these Castaway Paradise tips and tricks will help you along.

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Castaway Paradise LadiesGamers

Plenty to Do

You can spend your days doing fun activities such as catching bugs and fishing. Farm your own home-grown fresh crops! Everything you do earns you experience and from this, your character will level up and receive awards.

Getting around the island is the most important task when you start playing the game, and you will have to do a lot of walking from character to character. So you’d better learn where everything is in the game to make sure that you don’t just wander around aimlessly wasting your precious time. Alternately, if you simply can’t find what you’re looking for, you can use the – button on the Switch to get a zoomed-out view of your island.

castaway Paradise LadiesGamers
Zoomed out view

You can’t move in this view but you can see where everything is due to the handy name labels.
If you want to explore more of the island, you’ll need puzzle pieces. The only way to get those is to do quests for the island’s inhabitants or buy them in the shop. To find who is needing a quest completed you can click on the + button which brings up the menu.

Castaway Paradise tips LadiesGamers
Quest screen

What the Menu Icons Mean

The top icon in the menu is your pocket and what it contains. Moving to the second icon you will find the daily challenges to be completed, within a set time.
On the same page using the R shoulder button will let you see who is wanting attention. It details who wants a quest completed, what the quest is and your reward for completing it.

Castaway Paradise tips LadiesGamers
Daily challenges to complete

The next icon down is a shopping trolley, here you can buy items using the gems you have earned, upgrade your tools, buy seeds, furniture, fish food, and seasonal items.
The clothes hanger icon in the next row down is where you will find clothing, hairstyles, shoes and clothing accessories to buy to spruce up your character in the latest island fashions.

The next icon is the Trophy and its self explanatory as this is where the games 40 achievements are shown.

Castaway Paradise tips LadiesGamers
Shopping choice

What to do on your Island

Shake those trees – Shaking trees can dislodge surprises, such as a dropped fruit from the same type of tree. You can plant said fruit in turn, but you’ll want to pocket most of what you can shakedown. Every little bit counts!

Keep an eye on the trees – If you want them to keep producing fruit, which you can sell or use to plant more trees, they’ve got to be watered after you pick the fruit from them. You’ll notice the water drop icon near trees. If that shows up, it’s time to break out the watering can.

Planting crops – Use the designated fenced area to grow crops. Press Y to bring up the tool menu and select the rake, press A to equip it. You use A to gather the crops that are ready and use the Y button to use the tool you have equipped.

Castaway Paradise guide LadiesGamers
Seeds available to plant

Keep Yourself Busy

Pick up Rubbish – You’ll come across rubbish as you wander the sandy beaches of your new home, and it should be dealt with. Collect all those worn tires and busted TVs and sell them for a little profit at the shop. Cash in your pocket and a clean island is a happy home.

Become a bug catcher – Every so often, you’ll find bugs around the island simply begging you to nab them. Equip your net, now you’ll need to be sneaky about how you approach them because if you’re moving too fast they’ll getaway. Focus on coming up behind them slowly and you’ll be good to go. The other way to catch them is to stand where you think the bug is about to fly to and you might get lucky.

Go a digging – Dig up stumps to beautify your island. Use the shovel to dig up unsightly stumps. You can fill in the hole with dirt. Or pop in a piece of fruit or a pine cone in it to grow another sapling. You can also plant flowers, they don’t take too long to grow.

Castaway Paradise tips LadiesGamers
Build a well

Puzzle Pieces – Unlock new pieces of the island by finding puzzle pieces, then going to a broken bridge and plugging them into the puzzle. Each set of puzzle pieces, nine in total, will unlock a new piece of the island. Find pieces to only one puzzle at a time so that you don’t accidentally run yourself out of pieces, or at least so that you can unlock the island faster. You can also buy puzzle pieces in the shop but that works out expensive and you’ll need to save your gems for upgrading buildings.

Castaway Paradise tips LadiesGamers
Rewards for logging in daily

Surprises Every Day – Check back every day for new surprises. You’re awarded something new every time you log in. Even if you don’t have much time to hang around, simply logging in will net you cash. You might get a reward of fruit that you can plant and reap the rewards from later.




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