Farm Together Switch update #6

Farm Together players: a heads up. Update number 6 is live, you might have already seen it slide onto your device. I always hate it when I briefly see the update notification, but I don’t know what has been updated! So, here are the details. Enjoy!

New items:

  • New crop: Soybean & Physalis
  • New flower: Wisteria & Bells
  • New trees: Starfruit tree, Pecan & Magnolia
  • New buildings: Cultivation Table & Arborist’s Corner
  • New flags: Myanmar, Syria & Mixer
  • New facial Hair: Moustache
  • New Pet: Parrot
  • New decoration: Maple & Birch
  • New earrings: Horn earrings, Ear & Nose piercings
  • New customization beards
  • New permissions level “Harvest Custom”, which can be fine tuned in Farm Settings. For example you can allow harvesting trees but disallow animals, etc.
  • Gold Tractor Antenna
  • New Song to play on the Piano


  • Splitscreen: Added an option to show the interface in a smaller scale, allowing other players to keep moving.
  • Splitscreen: Level up notification is shown in the middle of the screen, instead of the upper center.
  • Lowered rubber tree harvest sound volume.
  • Starting farms have now more pre-placed items almost ready to harvest, so there’s not as much waiting on the initial phases.
  • Improved Shop preview behavior.

Gameplay changes:

  • Reduced maximum pond/animal field size to 1,000 tiles. Will help in lowering memory and CPU usage in farms covered by big fields.
  • A particularly nice one: you don’t have to loose the lovely comments from friends anymore when you recycle your farm. Now Guestbook will no longer be recycled when recycling a farm.


  • Fixed farms with lots of money showing negative values in the “Find Farms” section.
  • ​Fixed recycling a farm with big lakes taking way too long to complete.
  • Fixed some split screen UI issues

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