Feature series: Yvonne’s Animal Crossing Memories

Readers who find their way to LadiesGamers on a frequent basis know one thing for sure about me: I’m a big fan of the Animal Crossing series of games. To me, this game is the epitome of the perfect game. Its what brought me into playing video games, it brought me to Nintendo’s virtual door and most of all, it brought me many friends all over the globe.

So when we were discussing in our team how many of us have special memories of the first version they played of Animal Crossing, an idea was born for a feature series: our fondest Animal Crossing Memories. Because somehow, no matter how more advanced the next sequel in the series was, most of the time it’s our first experiences that mould our the game! 

I’ll kick of the series with my Animal Crossing memories! 

The DS version of the game, Wild World is my most precious memory. It’s the game that got me gaming in the first place. It made me buy my own DS Lite to tend to my town daily. I had originally bought it for my 7 year old daughter, together we named the first town Bearpath. Her interest soon waned, but mine didn’t. I played my Wild World game for 1,5 year straight, never missing a day and getting really attached to the critters that lived in my town. 

Me and my critters celebrated the seasons together, I decorated their town and houses for them at Christmas, and made sure there were lots of lovely flowers to look at in spring. The main thing that kept me interested though was the online gaming with others. 

I have met some pretty awesome people that are still a part of my life and a dear friend who sadly had to leave us early. I’ve found first hand that the game brings people together. Somehow the adults that play the game are very loyal fans, generally playing Animal Crossing for years in end.

Back then I was part of a group on the AnimalCrossingCommunity.com of grownup gamers. We were sending each other letters, little gifts and we worked together to fill up each other’s catalogue. I still remember the special events a group of ladies created themselves within the limits of the game, for example at Halloween. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a game that inspires such creativeness and friendships. 

Of course I played City Folk as well, and New Leaf too. But never to the extent of Wild World. It is the game my daughter had too (when I hogged Bearpath I had to give her a new copy eventually. My three nieces each had the game too ( with some prompting on my part) and we did have some lovely gaming afternoons together visiting each other’s towns. It earned me the honorary title of gaming aunt, of which I’m still proud!

its been some time since I played the game. Although I can never be sure when the game will grab me again. When we were in the car for a long drive last week, I put on the playlist of Animal Crossing hourly songs. And even my husband remarked: “ now there’s a sound I remember hearing every night before we went to sleep. I’ve missed it!”



  1. I’ve loved all AC games, they all had their own charm. For me it started with the GameCube game. That was the game that made me a gamer. I really liked WW and New Leaf too, but i notice i tend to play my console games more often than the handheld games. I don’t like the small screen very much and much rather look at the tv with gaming. I also played the Cube game every day for about a year! I was really hooked. Even more so City Folk. Sometimes i go back to all my old towns as i still have all my consoles hooked up, and i must admit, no matter how much i loved the Cube game back in the day, it hasn’t really aged well. Wild World really is the one that aged best, so that’s the town i visit most when i’m nostalgic, even though i quit playing that town when after 2 years, i came back from holiday and my beloved Bunny was gone. I actually cried as she had been there from the beginning of the game. After that the game lost my interest (until i got over it while playing NL 😉 ). My City Folk town that i probably spent most of my time in is also still very loved, but it lost a little of it’s charm when online support ended. I guess i don’t really have one fondest memory after playing so many years. Usually the latest memory is the fondest 😉

  2. I think you were always more partial to your console gaming, right? I remember how we met back then, standing in Hoog Catharijne sharing our New Leaf game in our group of Dutch gamers. That was such fun! To see you girls and to see what your New Leaf House was like!
    A lot of people grow very fond of one of the animals. I never had that kind of attachment to them, but the ones in Wild World that I had in my first town were special. And of course Caroline, because she shared my daughters name!

  3. Aww, this was really sweet to read! Great job! 🙂 I just want you to know that I have been working on my own AC Memories post for you, I haven’t forgotten! I just haven’t had a whole lot of free time to dedicate to blogging lately. Hopefully that will change soon. Anyway, I will e-mail it you as soon as I can! 🙂

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