From Steam to Switch: Pumpkin Days

Frequently, I take a look at what games are already available on Steam to see if they meet my requirements of being a good simulation game. Plus, I browse the Kickstarter pages to find hidden gems.

Having found games that really interest me, I then keep my fingers crossed and hope it will make the jump to the Switch somewhere in the future. You see, even though we are making progress, I still feel the Switch could do with some more RPG/crafting simulation games. Of course, the ultimate simulation game on the Switch is Animal Crossing New Horizons, but more more sim games mean more variety for us, the gamers!

Let’s take a look at another one that might just make it over:

Pumpkin Days

Pumpkin Days is a farming game through and through. Farming, dating and questing with a multiplayer mode included and all about chilling out and relaxing gameplay. The developers, Pumpkin Interactive, want you to play at your own pace, and explore different ways to attain your goals. So, much like in Animal Crossing, you can do what you want when you want it in the game. No goals!

The game has all the staples we love so much in a farming sim: taking care of animals, mining, fishing, carpentry, exploring, fossils and artefact hunting. Meanwhile, the developers strive to bring new things to the genre as well:

There is no need to select girl or boy in as gender does not play a role in our game, and you are also free to date who ever you want. Simply use the body sliders in character customization to add feminine and/or as masculine features as you want. When playing with other players you can simply make a note of gender in your profile.

You can choose what town you’d like to live in. Go for a tropical island or would you rather live in a cute tucked away town by the river. Decorate your farmhouse, but you can also decorate the outside. Craft items are available using over 300 different types of patterns and colors.

Pumpkin Days has over 90 different kinds of fish, 80 different kinds of crops and trees, 80 different kinds of gems and ores and many more items, more items then we usually see in other farming games.

Out on Steam already

Pumpkin Days is already out on Steam, but in early access since July 2019. This means some of the features of the game are still being implemented. For instance, a museum isn’t fully implemented yet, and dating and marriage are still in development. Before the game is at its fullest, the developers hope to add a third town, animal breeding and other features.

I do think, seeing as the game isn’t fully developed yet, it will be a long time before the game might eventually be coming to Switch. If at all. Still, it would be great, right?


  1. I would love to see this game on the Switch aswell but unfortunately I don’t think the developer is interested. I messaged them on Twitter and they said that it’s super expensive to do so 🙁

      1. Right? Hopefully one day it’ll be released on the Switch. Who knows lol. PD is a really fun game to play on Steam 🙂

  2. i would defintely love to see this game on switch i played a little of it on steam but unfortunately my laptop cant handle the game well and i need a better graphics card so now im looking into getting a decent laptop that can handle this game cause i love this game alot and farm type sims

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