Jack n’ Jill DX (Nintendo Switch) Review

Game: Jack n’ Jill DX
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Rohan Narang
Publisher: Ratalaika
Age Rating: 3+ (UK & EU) | E (US)
Price: £4.99 | €4,99 | $4.99
Release Date: 26th September 2018
Genre: Autorun Platformer

(The game is also available on PS Vita, PS4, and Xbox One)

Review code kindly provided by Ratalaika

Ratalaika is quickly becoming a source for fun budget games on Switch. So far they’ve ported the likes of Tetra’s Escape and Full Blast to Switch and I’m pleased to say that mobile title Jack n’ Jill is now available for Nintendo’s hybrid console.


The basic objective is to run, jump, wall jump, bounce, fly, even shoot your way to the end of each stage while avoiding or overcoming foes and other obstacles. Players can be Jack or Jill, and play through 140 stages spread over 7 worlds. Stages are short and many require good memorisation and precise timing. A new stage is unlocked after the completion of a level.

Things start of easy enough in order to teach players basic mechanics. World one is a simple matter of run and jump, but as time goes on, more well known platform elements are introduced; speed boosts, invincibility potions, wall jumps, springs, wings etc.  Once players set their characters going, they run only in one direction until they bump into a wall. Early stages feel incredibly basic, but the difficulty soon increases – as well as the enjoyment!

One notable stage for me was 2-15, where I was required to jump onto a spring at just the right position, so I could make it past a mountain of spikes and onto another spring. I died a lot at this point but the game is so addictive and fun; I never became frustrated or annoyed.


The game includes a number of small extras that separates Jack n’ Jill DX from the basic mobile version. Minigames are unlocked upon completing a world, and using coins and tickets; players can outfit Jack and Jill with a variety of clothing items, or change the colour of the game screen by using a variety of colours.  If you’re having difficulty with a particular level then 100 tickets will allow you to purchase a key, which will allow you to progress to the next stage.

For those that want to replay levels, the game also includes a mirror mode which adds an opportunity to extend playtime once players have finished the game.

Graphics and Sound

The game looks like it could belong on Retro systems of old.  It’s minimalist style resembles classic 8-bit titles from the past and the audio reminds me  of classic 8-bit chip tunes. Some like to compare it’s visuals to that produced by the Gameboy which is a fair comparison. The DX version for Switch tops the basic mobile version with cleaner visuals and a higher quality soundtrack.  I also like how the developers have added a little variety to the soundtrack by giving each world its own individual tune.

Additional Comments

It’s important to note that Jack n’ Jill DX is also available for download via the PS Vita’s PlayStation Store.  Even though I haven’t played the version developed for Sony’s handheld, video footage I’ve watched suggests the game is pretty much identical to the Switch version. The game is also available for Xbox One and PS4 owners but I imagine Jack n’ Jill DX is better suited to portable machines.


I love Jack n’ Jill DX.  It costs less than £5 and has provided me with hours of fun.  If you love platformers and are looking for a cheap title to have fun with then I highly recommend this.

I like it a lot!





    1. Hi Otaku Judge,

      Thanks for your comment. I really like the one button aspect. I think having more control over your character would take away from the fun element but we’re all different. Playing video games wouldn’t have be as interesting if we all liked the same things.

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