Jonah Plays: The Longest Five Minutes (Blog 1)

Review code provided by N.I.S America

Our kind friends at N.I.S America have provided us with a code for an RPG adventure called ‘The Longest Five Minutes.’ In spite of the game being available since February, I first became aware of it earlier this month.

Personally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of complicated RPG’s, and some have commented on how the game has a simple difficulty level. It seems for some; a simple RPG isn’t desirable, but to me, it sounds like a perfect RPG for novices.  So being an RPG novice myself, I can’t wait to get wait to delve into it.

The Hero has lost his memory

Another intriguing element about the game is the story.   The game begins with the final battle and introduces players to Flash whose memory has been wiped by the wicked Demon King.  Flash’s comrades can’t win the battle without him, and so they try to hold off the Demon King while seeking to jog Flash’s memory at the same time.   The game takes players through past events to help our hero remember who he is.

Our Hero’s first flashbacks take him back home as he prepares his group to undertake their mission.  While there, you get to meet family members and other residents which immediately suggests a nice tone.  I do hope this friendly atmosphere runs throughout the game.  I wish more games would have a more positive family message.  Without question, families are one of our primary influences, and every hero needs a Jonathan Kent or Aunt May.

Possible Past Influence

O yes, the game looks brilliant too. Visually it resembles classic RPG’s of old. As soon as I started playing, my mind immediately thought of past Game Boy RPG titles like Pokemon. Musically the game also appears to be very promising. The theme for Stockwood town sounds incredible! I could sit and listen to it for hours.

Another striking thing that makes me think of a Pokemon influence is that while travelling via the overworld if, on foot, players can have random turn-based battles with demons. Even the battle music (at least in the early stages) has Pokemon vibes.  However, I’m so early into the game that things can still change so please don’t consider this post to be a definitive explanation of the game.

Now, I’m in danger of jumping ahead of myself, but it seems Flash had memories that caused him pain. I think all of us can relate to that. Even now I can remember times that still hurt but would I choose to forget such events? No, because even negative events can be used positively to help us become the best person and hero we can be. The hero needs his memories to fight the Demon King, and we wouldn’t be who we are without our past.

Some may consider this idea to be corny but I like it, and I hope that it will feature in the game’s storyline.

I look forward to sharing more thoughts about the Longest 5 Minutes very soon.

Happy gaming!




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