Kirby Star Allies Demo: a good game to play with kids

(by Paige)

Kirby Star Allies is viewed as the biggest release in March on the Switch and since the beginning of the month, you can download a free demo in the Switch eShop. Two levels are included, called “Grassland” and “Caves and Castles” and it will give you a taste to come for the actual release on March 16.

Gameplay in the demo

I couldn’t wait to give the demo a try! It features two mashed up levels with boss fights at the end. If you play the first one, your team will still be there when you start the second one.

In Kirby Star Allies, Kirby can throw friend hearts at enemies and recruit them as CPU allies. These allies fight with you, help you solve puzzles, give you health if they ate a food they don’t need (via a kiss), and certain abilities can combine with others.

Weapons such as the sword, cutter, bomb and yo-yo can be combined with the elements of fire, water, ice or electricity to increase attack or in some cases create a new form. For instance, a Rock + Water/Ice making a curling stone. Some combined abilities are just special moves. Allies can combine with each other or with Kirby’s abilities. Of course, there are many more to come in the full game.

A good game for family?

This game is perfect to play in co-op, especially playing it with young children. The only lives that matter are Kirby’s so if another player dies the game goes on. They can take your copy ability or from another ally to keep playing. It also teleports the other players when they get too far from Kirby. So if they’re having trouble getting somewhere you don’t have to interfere.

In fact, the only “trouble” I had playing with my little sister was that she kept wanting to be different allies and we spent a lot of time swapping them out!

There are plenty of enemies around, as well as friend hearts. Plus any copy abilities Kirby picks up can be turned into another player’s character by pressing the L + R button. They can also easily come back in and drop out at any time they want to.

It’s perfect to play together!

I know that Kirby was created with the intention of being a game anyone can beat. This makes it even more ideal for playing with younger gamers.

I can’t wait to play the full game with my family!


  1. Awesome! I am looking forward to what you will have to say about it! Personally, I will be skipping this one. I am going to get it later, though, when I get an urge for some Kirby!

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