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Our favourite Kickstarter projects, where are they now? Part 2: in Early Access

Over the past couple of years we’ve featured quite a couple of Kickstarter campaigns. Of course I do realise that it’s always a gamble. Even if a project makes the funding threshold, it’s not sure yet that there’s really going to be a real game at the end of the road. So it’s not something you should do if money is tight at the moment, as you might end up getting nothing.

If it works out though, it means you have a fun game to look forward to. And the cost has already been taken, which is rather nice. The developers are mostly very good at keeping you updated about their progress, so you will be very involved.

Let’s see where those Kickstarter campaigns are now! We already published the first article, games that have already delivered and are availalble (that article is here). This is Part 2, the games that have made it to Early Access on Steam.

In Early Access: Re: Legend – Simulation/ RPG

7,385 backers pledged S$ 630,700  (Singapore dollar). Campaign ended August 2017. In Early Access since the mid 2019. Working on full Steam release and console versions with a release window of Spring 2021. Reviews on Steam of the early access games are mixed. 

Washed ashore on Vokka Island without memories, you must start a new life and find ways to recover your lost memories. In order to do so, you must first learn how to survive on the island by cultivating the land, befriending villagers, expanding the village and raising your very own magical creatures known as “Magnus”.

Venture around the land of Ethia where vokka island resides to reclaim your memories is no easy task as the world is filled with dangerous Magnus and threatening challenges.

This was one of the first kickstarters that crushed every stretch goal there was, being a huge success. It took the developer 2 years to get the game into Early Access on Steam, and since then I think there’s been a lot of work that needed doing. Last October the developer reached out to funders that they are working hard at finally getting a real release for the game, not just on Steam but across all consoles. We will keep an eye out!

In Early Access: Farm Folks – Simulation

1,597 backers pledged AU$ 92,882. Campaign ended July 2018. In Early Access since the beginning of 2020. No word yet on the full release. No review score yet. 

After washing ashore on Softshoal Island, you are given a chance at a new life. A plot of land awaits your green thumb to transform it into a booming farm, and a new world beckons you to explore its secrets.

There’s beauty and intrigue found in every corner of Softshoal. It’s going to be a compelling place that calls the player ever further into the mysterious woods, down into the dangerous caves. As you explore, you’ll see things that you’ll never forget and you’ll experience adventures worth re-telling.

There will be farming of course, earning money that way to expand on your farm and add animals. There will be mining, where you can find items you can’t buy in the local store. Like minerals to upgrade your equipment. Plus, there will be fishing as well.

There will be a lot of people to meet in the town of Port Meridia and in the wild, and to forge a relationship with them. You will celebrate festivals and lastly, you can customise your farm and your character!


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