Paula’s Game Ramblings: Unwanted Souvenir

Welcome to this edition of Game Ramblings; you can find the previous Ramblings here. 

Since I wrote the last ramblings, I’ve been visiting my daughter and grandchildren in Southampton for a week, and I also came home with an unwanted souvenir; more on that below. I haven’t seen my daughter and grandchildren for a year, so it’s always good to catch up and see how much the children have grown.  

Happy Holidays

I’ve been to Southampton many times and have done the touristy thing, visiting all the city’s tourist spots. So when we visit, it’s time to spend with the family and enjoy ourselves. 

While visiting, I turned 60 years old (though the less said about that age, the better); it’s a tradition in my daughter’s house to have themed birthday parties for the children. So they decided to have a very aptly themed video game party for my birthday. We had three TVs set up in the dining room with various consoles attached. The five kids, four teenagers, one toddler, and the adults all enjoyed gaming and eating party food. I had a wonderful day and one to remember.

Birthday banner with the Legend of Zelda on it.
Legend of Zelda birthday banner and Zelda balloons

Themed Birthday Parties

A few days after my birthday, Torin, my youngest grandson, had his birthday too; he turned three years old. A Spider-Man-themed party was the order of the day for Torin. Again, the dining room was kitted out with Spider-Man birthday banners and decorations. The birthday boy was very happy with his party and presents. 

Big Ouch

Two days before we were due to fly home, I had an accident; I fell over Torin’s bike and landed on the floor in a heap. I hurt my wrist, though it was more than just hurt, as I couldn’t move my hand! A quick trip to A&E in Southampton Hospital confirmed my fears that my wrist was broken and a splint was put on it. After flying home and going to A&E in Belfast, my wrist was put in a plaster cast for the next eight weeks. 

Fantastic, not! Only a gamer would understand this, but when I fell and was lying on the floor, the first thought that popped into my head was, if my wrist is broken, I won’t be able to play games. 

Realisation Dawns

A bearded dragon coloured in using reds and orange colours
Coloured in the Bearded Dragon

While my wrist is very painful, it wasn’t as bad as the realisation that I couldn’t play games. If I can’t play games, I also can’t write reviews. More importantly, I’ve lost my best stress reliever, as playing games is my way to forget about my worries and get lost in a fantasy world. Typing is also slow due to only using one hand or, instead, one finger. I dictated this instead of typing, but I prefer to be hands-on. It was an interesting experience dictating my thoughts, especially when it didn’t always understand my accent. Strange words appeared on the page! 

However, I haven’t given up on gaming; it doesn’t stop me from trying every so often. Unfortunately, I can not hold a controller in my hand due to the cast, so playing the Nintendo Switch is out of the question. I have tried some one-fingered app gaming, but I don’t get the same feeling from app gaming as from console or PC gaming. To me, app gaming doesn’t feel as involved as console/PC gaming. 

Adult Colouring Books

A chameleon coloured in with different shades of green and yellow.
A Yemen chameleon

So, to fill in my time, keep my good hand active, and stop myself from getting bored, I’ve taken to adult colouring books to colour in. Adult colouring books are no longer just for kids. Furthermore, adult colouring books have grown in popularity recently and have numerous health advantages. 

The internet tells me that colouring is known to relax your brain and improve brain function. It can also help to improve Motor Skills, which will have to be one-handed improved motor skills in my case. It helps with sleep, reduces Anxiety and relieves Stress. 

While it’s not the same buzz I get from playing video games, colouring has helped with the boredom. I’ve enjoyed choosing colours, and it’s easy to do one-handed. The plaster cast will hopefully come off mid-September, and I’ll be happy to get playing my Switch again. 

Have you ever had an accident or something that impacted your gaming? If so, feel free to leave a comment below.

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