SNK GALS’ FIGHTERS Review (Switch)

Genre: Fighting Game
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer|Publisher: Yumekobo| SNK
Age Rating:  US E10+
Price: US $7.99 (The game is no longer currently listed in the Australian or European e-shops).
Release Date: 29th April 2020

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At the start of the new millennium a near-all female fighting game came out for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. SNK GALS’ FIGHTERS is a 2D one on one fighting game with a selection of characters from various SNK series.

Queen of Fighters


The mysterious Miss X has invited famous female fighters to compete in the Queen of Fighters tournament. The winner will gain the K Talisman said to grant any wish. With that our various heroines muscle their way through the competition to fulfill their desires.

Two Hit Tricks


With only two buttons you might think it’s overly simple but really there’s quite a lot of variety. The kick and punch can be held for increased damage. Most moves can be input with an accompanying simple half or quarter circle, while other characters will have dragon punches and quarter circles back to half. Beyond that some characters are especially unique, like how Leona has charge attacks and only a couple girls have the ability to wall jump.


The commands for throws and evasions are universal but look different for each fighter. Occasionally you’ll get into a little clash and will need to mash a button to get out, giving you a momentary advantage. There is a Gal Gauge that holds up to three stocks, which fills up when you attack or defend against an opponent. These stocks can be spent on Mighty Bop moves which are stronger than the usual attacks. Along with bops each girl has a Pretty Burst, also using one stock but the input is the same for everyone. Some bursts are a very strong attack while others might put a negative effect on the opponent. They can be missed or blocked and your competitor can hit you before the effect can be applied. Stopping ones like Mai’s that drains the opponent’s Gal Gauge or Yuki’s who heals herself by eating a burger.

Hold My Flower


One unique feature of this game is the items. Each one is earned by achieving certain requirements like beating a particular character within fifteen seconds. Some are literally useless while others may slow the rate at which your opponent fills their Gal Gauge.

A Handheld Game For Two


The main mode of the game is the Q.O.F tournament where you’ll fight against eight opponents. If you’re defeated you can simply choose to continue as much as you like. The only consequence to losing is any items equipped will be lost. So items are probably best saved for the boss fight.

Training mode lets you freely test your character with a few options for your CPU opponent.

SNK GALS’ FIGHTERS can be played with a second player on the same screen. If you choose to play this in handheld the game will give you two “screens” at either end. Which is very cool, unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work if you take out both controllers (and someone might just feel like lifting up the screen). Since there’s no online or local wireless connection the ability to trade items is gone, and the item stealing in two player does nothing.

Let’s Slow It Down


You’re able to adjust the game to varying degrees, with five levels of difficulty, four speeds, the rounds needed to win (first to one, two or three) and set time limits. An easy way to progress through the main mode is to switch rounds to one as you can retry as much as you like. However if you hate yourself, you can make it best of five.

With this version of the game you can remove the Neo Geo Pocket border entirely, add back-lighting and zoom in. There are different skin colours for the console border. Playing in handheld you can actually use the buttons on the touchscreen though I couldn’t recommend seriously playing like that. Another addition is the rewind feature which, when it comes to the boss I could understand but the games really not difficult enough to need it. While I mostly played at the default, going from three to five I felt that the AI was merely a touch more aggressive. This version of the game appears to auto-save everything meaning I can close the game mid tournament and come right back in later.

We Have The Technology


While the Gameboy and Gameboy Color had most of the handheld market at the time, many of its competitors were made of better hardware. This is easily shown by the visual quality of this game. To emphasize actions most character’s hands and feet enlarge to show their punches and kicks, but there’s many cute moves that showcase their personalities. From dropping a giant Lucky Cat atop an opponent, to Shermie’s cartwheel kicks and Nakoruru calling in her hawk among many, many others. The game looks pretty darn amazing for what it is.


There are eight stages but they have night or sunset variations. Even on such a small screen they have details like changing colours on the Ferris wheel. When progressing in the Q.O.F mode you’ll have cute stylized pictures of the different characters with pre and post battle dialogue. After beating the boss you’ll get a glimpse of their wish made true, which is often a comedic moment. A really cool touch is if you manage to knock out (or be knocked out) while using a special move you’ll see the character’s life flash before their eyes with much greater detailed images. Ignoring the irritating main menu music, the game has a good amount of likeable tunes. If you like you can switch the game over to Japanese.

Cancel That


I had no technical issues with the game. With only a few problems overall like there being more health than actually shown on the bar. As I said the lack of wireless connection makes trading and stealing items either impossible or obsolete. One other touch I would’ve liked is an extra manual. As it only has the original which doesn’t have a complete move list and has nothing on the unlockable characters. The controls work pretty well and it is fight stick compatible.



SNK GALS’ FIGHTERS is a super fun time. Whether you’re whiling away a long trip or needing something simpler to play against your friends it’s a great choice. Most of the characters were pretty fun to play as so even with eleven total, I felt like I had plenty to choose from. I wish I had this when I was a kid (I would have just been old enough).

Final Verdict: I like it a lot!

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