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Townscaper Coming To Mobile

Townscaper from developer Oskar Stålberg that was released on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch in August is heading to mobile. Publishers Raw Fury has announced the game will be released on October 20th on iOS and Android.

Townscaper LadiesGamers

Simulation Building game

I’ve played the game on Steam earlier in the year. That also lead me to purchase the game on the Nintendo Switch. It is now one of my favourite games to pick up and play for short play sessions. I had this to say about Townscaper when I played the game for the first time back in March 2021:

” Townscaper is almost certainly one of the cutest building simulators you will ever lay your eyes on. You see, there isn’t a goal, and there isn’t any real gameplay as such. Just plenty of building, beauty, pastel colours and a very relaxing time to be had. After spending some time playing the early access of the game I can say that it is a wonderful chill game or toy to play with!

You pick colours from the range available on the left-hand side of the screen, simply left click to plonk down a house in the sea. As you continue to add houses of different colours the game automatically orientates the architecture for you. Watching the building pop up as you click and build is a joy to see, there is something very relaxing about playing Townscaper.”

You can continue reading the rest of that article here. 

townscaper LadiesGamers


Townscaper has already received over 10,000 positive reviews for the game on Steam. The move to release the game to mobile is especially exciting as Townscaper is the kind of game that is meant to be played on the go, taking inspiration from your surroundings.

You can find the iOS page for Townscaper here. 

townscaper LadiesGamers


If you are an Android user you can find the page for Townscaper here. 

A new trailer of some awesome Townscaper builds by the games community on Steam was released a few months ago. Check it out below as there is lots of imagination and amazing builds on view. I’ll be buying the game on mobile to.

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