Wishing you a Happy Gaming 2018

The new year has started, 2018 is here. I really want to thank you all for taking the time to read the articles published on LadiesGamers.com, as I know you are probably as busy in real life as I am. With so much gaming websites out there, I much appreciate you dropping in on a regular basis. That’s what makes it fun to write!

Starting a new year is a perfect time to look back and take stock too. As you know, I love statistics. Let me share the statistics for LadiesGamers.com with you:

LadiesGamers had 8.344 visitors who viewed the various articles 18.283 times. Readers gave 850 likes on Wordpress, and there were 1.023 comments made. Perfect, for you know how I love to chat gaming with all of you.

191 articles were published, some big long discussion provoking editorials, some snippets of news about games that are right at home here on this website about casual handheld gaming. I made 50 weekly Handheld Gaming News articles all about games and gaming merchandise that interest me. 12 Games of the Month were chosen, and of course, you readers chose the Handheld Game of the Year again (find the results here).

This is the top 5 of articles that were read most. Funny enough the ones that lead the most read list are old articles, revolving around playing Magician’s Quest 4 in Japanese. Always a favourite with readers:

  1. Top 15 games for girls of all ages   697 views
  2. Magician’s Quest in Japanese    461 views
  3. Physical all the way      331 views
  4. Review Tongari Boushi To Mahou   313 views
  5. Giveaway Sanrio Amiibo Cards AC  241 views

Readers tend to come from all over the world, this is the top 8 of countries where most readers live

In December two new writers joined me in what used to be a one-woman operation. Some wonderful articles were already published by Victoria and Pikodoodle, it’s fun to share a passion for writing and gaming this way.

By the way, if you want to write for LadiesGamers you can still join the team! Find out how to go about that in this article. Want to help me build LadiesGamers?

So, let’s get 2018 underway: I wish you a very Happy Gaming 2018!


  1. Happy new year, dear Yvonne! Hopefully it will be full of great games and entertaining blog posts for both of us. ^^

    Talking about blog posts, Blogspot notified me that you posted a comment on my new year post; but for some reason, that comment doesn’t appear. Maybe you could post it again? 🙂

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