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World Turtles Early Access Preview

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World Turtles is a strategy simulation game that takes place on the back of a large turtle. The game is developed by Gideon Griebenow, a solo developer, from South Africa, under the studio name of Re: cOg Missions. The game won Industry Pick in #PitchYaGame in June 2021 out of 5400 other entries.

world turtles LadiesGamers

Build on the Back of a Turtle

Turtles are an important part of the world’s ecosystem; however, when it comes to World Turtles, they are the entire ecosystem. The game has a medieval setting, and you are introduced to a tribe of Meeps (people). The Meeps live on the back of a gigantic turtle moving through space. A turtle flying through space is not something you see every day of the week, is it?

World Turtles LadiesGamers
help the Meeps survive

The Rungmuns

The Rungmuns tribes’ survival is threatened by famine in their quiet valley home. So the Rungmuns tribal council decides to send four Meeps on an expedition out of the valley to the outside world. After setting up camp, the four meeps hear a strange noise and six more meeps arrive over the crest of a hill. The newest Meeps tell the expedition about their fear that World Turtle, which they are all on, is in danger of starving to death.

The Council of Meeps has designated a raised plot of land nearby to build a catapult. Using a catapult, they intended to feed the Turtle by catapulting lumps of food.

World Turtles LadiesGamers
Explore and gather resources

Help the Meeps and the Turtle

Your goal in the game is to help the Meeps and, by doing so, save the Turtle’s life. I played an early access build of the game, which had a few maps to play. While the early access release of the game isn’t until September 2022, from what I’ve played so far, I do like what I have seen.

World Turtles LadiesGamers
Start of a settlement

A tutorial leads you through the first few steps of life on the back of a flying turtle. Though the tutorial could do with some additions as it leaves you hanging with some questions, it is enough to get you started.

You’ll help the Meeps by building a settlement, constructing woodcutters cabins, stone masons and more. Set up farms, so they have food to survive and build a Wanderer’s house so they can scout out the map. By scouting the map, you might even meet other tribes of Meeps.

World Turtles LadiesGamers
Plenty of tooltips on the map.

Develop your Settlement

Research and develop your settlement, while the Meeps exist in harmony and cooperate with other Meeps. Meeps will have children who will grow up, and the population will keep growing. While playing, you’ll need to keep an eye on the Turtle as its position in space impacts life on the Turtle, including climate and water levels. Climate and water levels affect the Meeps’ ability to grow crops on their farms.

World Turtles LadiesGamers
Steer the turtle

World Turtles is a wholesome strategy game, so I don’t think you can expect to be going to war. However, during my playthrough of the game, my little tribe of Meeps did discover other tribes on the map and things were peaceful.

World Turtles LadiesGamers
Zoomed out view of the turtle back

Save the Turtle

Even at this stage of development, World Turtles looks well. The map is laid out in hex tiles, and your buildings all have a suggested building place. You can also follow a Meep around to see what they get up to a box appears in the corner of the screen as the camera follows their activities.

world turtles LadiesGamers
Hex based map

It was a relaxing experience playing the game while listening to all the various atmospheric sounds and the chill soundtrack. I liked the way the Meeps are talkative and shouted out instructions such as build a stone mason. I’m looking forward to seeing how the game progresses and playing more of it when it is released on early access in September.

You can find the World Turtles Steam page here. 



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