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Zodiacats Review

Game: Zodiacats
Genre: Casual, Puzzle
System: Steam (Windows, Linux and macOS)
Developer | Publisher: Devcats
Price: USD $1.99 | UK £1.65 | € 1,55
Release Date: January 21th, 2022

Review code used, with many thanks to Devcats. 

Do you love cats? And are you interested in astrology and solar signs? If the answer is yes, this puzzle jigsaw game is surely something you have to try. Developed and published by Devcats, Zodiacats is here to relax, entertain and explore around the zodiac wheel together with Catherine the cat.

Zodiacats LadiesGamers
You’ve never seen a warmer night

“Follow cat Catherine on her journey for the lost astrology papyri and learn more about her job as a witch assistant for bringing good vibes into this Earth! Let Catherine guide you through the zodiac wheel, showing you about features of each solar sign. You can also learn about your cat’s sign!”

Heal the World with Magic

With vibrant colors and a cartoony smooth animation, the intro of Zodiacats presents Catherine, a cat who is owned by a witch. The witch had created some magic papyri to end hatred and injustice in the world. But in the ongoing wars of men, the papyri pieces were lost and it is up to you, together with Catherine to help find them and bring peace back to the world.

Zodiacats LadiesGamers
Such a wise witch and devoted cat

It is nice to see how they bring the concept of a witch as someone who maintains peace and joy in the world and even her cat works toward that goal. It surely felt like a friendly cute game from the moment it began with its adorable animation.

Build the Lost Papyri and Gain Knowledge

 Zodiacats it’s a simple jigsaw game, where you can change a piece of the jigsaw at will, with no restrictions or time. After completing them, they all illustrate a cat with nice art surrounding it and information about that sign like traits, polarity and other facts.

Zodiacats LadiesGamer
Always starting on the corners
Zodiacats LadiesGamers
What a nicely crafted papyri!

Not only that, but you also learn about cats from each zodiac sign. Catherine gracefully appears providing you with information about the sign you solved and other facts about how this affects cats born under it. As you build more papyri jigsaws, your collection grows, which you can always check out or re-do if you wish so. Even if you are not into astrology as much, some of these facts can be interesting but a little broad.

Zodiacats LadiesGamers
The zodiac wheel

Are You Looking For a Cat? Maybe You Need a Prediction

Zodiacats LadiesGamers
You only need to choose a sign and receive a prediction

You have one mode of the game that, depending on the zodiac sign you chose, recommends a type of cat to adopt. In this mode, even with the game’s colorful innocent visuals, it is shown a real picture of a cat with a couple of sentences about it. It also briefly describes that specific cat in the picture, with its name and story.

Zodiacats LadiesGamers
Say hello to Joe

It is a very limited number of stories since each sign has one specific cat and once you’ve seen each of them, there is no longer a need to enter that mode. I felt it had much more potential, especially if it’s a whole section in the main menu.  

Relaxing Ambient

The music and sound of Zodiacats it is soothing and relaxing, which is what you would expect from a game like this. It is the type of game you play when you have some free time and want to spend some of it in a cozy mood while exercising your mind a little bit. The topic and the visuals are matched in good harmony with the sound, which brings serenity when playing, avoiding irritability that sometimes happens with repetitive tunes.

Comfortable and Cozy UI

I believe this game deserves a mention on its UI (User Interface) as it is quite simple to use, friendly to the eye and even adorable. The options, sound settings and resolution (windowed or full screen) are easy to manipulate and creative in their way.

Zodiacats LadiesGamers
Sleepy kitty or playful kitty

Even for people who enjoy playing games at night the most, as I do, or just like to always have a less bright setting in their games, Zodiacats has both bright and dark features for the puzzles. It not only makes it nicer to the eye, but I also enjoyed seeing the puzzles from a different perspective.

Zodiacats LadiesGamers
Day and Night modes, very beautiful and worth seeing both

Good But Not Great

For its price, it is a good game with a good amount of content and entertainment. It does have an attractive cute way of presenting itself. The puzzles mixed with the zodiac sign facts and cat stories are interesting when you first start playing. Like many games of the genre though, it also has certain flaws that make replayability not as amusing.

The puzzles have easy and hard modes, which have very little difference between one from the other. Hard mode is the same puzzle but divided into more pieces. This bummed me out being a player that usually after completing a puzzle, looks for a more challenging one. After completing a few of them in easy mode, I wanted to try the hard mode to experience this, only to encounter the same puzzle I had already built. It had the potential for much more, just like the predictions feature.

Zodiacats LadiesGamers
Hard mode


Zodiacats is an adorable game that for its price, you do get what you pay for. It is entertaining for a while, a cute and warm experience, and also quite friendly for kids and adults alike. Visuals and sound are harmonically matching. Sadly, as mentioned before, some of its features feel a little vague, as if they could have been much more than it is. It did show me everything it had to deliver very quickly. I still do recommend it, because of its low accessible price and of course, if you like cats and enjoy some astrology combined with it, this might be your cup of tea.         

Final Verdict: I like it.


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