Another update for Farm Together

We have been giving ample attention on the site to Farm Together. This farming simulation game went from Steam to Switch in a matter of months, and is quickly becoming a favourite. The developers have really been busy, listening to the fans and making update after update. Jonah wrote about the first one here, and now today, the second update went life.

The update includes a number of bugfixes, improvements and new content:


  • You can now refuel without getting off the tractor.

  • You can now place event crops in the Planter decorations.

  • Improved performance (more noticeable on big farms).

  • Results of “Find Farms” should now be more random.

  • Added a gold nugget count to the pawnhouse interaction window.

  • The player won’t jump over fences if you keep the move or delete button held down.

  • Added new Interface settings section where you can increase the size of the in-game UI items.

  • Increased performance when opening the map window.

  • Improved performance when rendering many flowers at the same time.

New items:

  • New crops: Sorghum & Red sorghum

  • New fish: Red Bream

  • New flower: Yellow Daffodil

  • New roads: Rhombus tiles & Flower path

  • New clothing: Shirt

  • New house wall decoration: Green Bath Tiles

  • New dance emote.


  • Fixed weird behavior when keeping the button held down in a ball decoration.

  • Fixed white/black ground when it’s raining in a long gameplay session

  • Fixed being unable to join really big farms

Are you still playing? I’m currently distracted by another game on my Switch, but I’m surely going to check into this update!


  1. I’m still playing but it’s taking me ages to harvest everything. I’ve spent most of my playtime today planting 4 leaf clovers as part of the new quest/event.

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