Doraemon Story of Seasons coming West

Good news for lovers of farming sims: it looks like the first Story of Season game to grace the Nintendo Switch will be a Doraemon crossover game.

We already knew it was in the works, but now it has been confirmed for gamers outside of Japan as well. It is expected this Fall in the Nintendo eShop. And in Europe, a physical release is scheduled as well.

Basically it’s a Story of Seasons game, but with different characters. Doraemon and Noby have found themselves in another world, and Doraemon has no gadgets. The people at Shizen Town are friendly though, and offer to have the two work at a farm while they find a way home.

See the trailer that was posted on Twitter today.

The game releases in Japan in June 13. As the Western release is a few months later, I do wonder if the English subtitles will be included from the beginning.

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