Incomplete Games: The Return Road With Ben

At this particular point in time, I find myself like many of you may have experienced, between games. Kingdom Hearts 3 finished for me over a month ago, and aside from the indie titles I have been playing for review I have found myself in a large gap. My next big must-have games have all yet to be given release dates; Animal Crossing, Bayonetta and Pokémon Sword/Shield. I have some smaller titles I have a casual interest in, such as; Cadence Of Hyrule, Cuphead, New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, Yoshi, Donkey Kong and a few others.

Wake me up when Animal Crossing arrives zzz

Since I am short of funds for the foreseeable future while I’m between jobs, I have been looking back at my current catalogue and have noticed I still have a lot to do in a number of my games. I have just over 30 titles in my current library, ranging from small to AAA content. The NES Online app if it counts only serves to further the game time I have yet to cash in on. Games I really enjoyed, Zelda and Mario, though the story has been cleared still have a lot for me to do and things to collect. They also have received DLC for me to get into. I also have games like Hyrule Warriors and the Crash Bandicoot trilogy where I haven’t cleared the main campaigns, nor additional challenges. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy those games, but they’re definitely examples of games that came into my possession between others where they then fell to the wayside.

So anyway, what’s the plan? Well I thought I would indeed challenge myself to return to a few games and play them to a further degree of completion. From scouring Hyrule for seeds, shrines and side quests, to beating the masterclass of depth perception and platforming with Crash. The first stop on my journey will officially be; Breath Of The Wild.

Again I reiterate, I really enjoyed the game. It’s almost impossible to write anything new or fresh about it since it was so broadly well received. I’m a really big fan of the sheer exploration, upon diving back in I found myself at the very edge of the map. I was just past Death Mountain and heading into the chilly northwest. In my brief 30 minute return I managed to stumble upon 4 new Koroks. A drop in the ocean, as it turns out there are 900 hidden throughout the expansive map with only 88 uncovered by me thus far. I don’t know how much of those I am wiling to commit to as my Google search revealed only a fraction are required to max out my inventory, but in the interest of maximising game time I’ll do my best.

Anyway, the point of this post is an acknowledgment of my journey. Zelda is the starting point and I’ll summarise my key goals / progress below. Wish me luck!

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild
Shrine Quests: 19/42
Side Quests: 27/77
Shrines: 72/120
Korok Seeds: 88/900


    1. Since this article I have made progress, drawing a line in the sand has helped prompt me to play. After all I like the games I have, it’s also a good feeling making the most of their experiences.

  1. Smart to take it slow with the buying of new games and enjoy the ones you already have.
    I’m really looking foreword to Animal Crossing and Pokémon Sword/Shield too! (don’t think Bayonetta is my kind of game)
    Good luck with Zelda!

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