Inner World: The Last Wind Monk Review For Switch

Game: Inner World: The Last Wind Monk
System: Nintendo Switch
Developer: Studio Fizbin
Publisher: Headup Games
Age Rating: 10+ (US) |12+ (Europe)
Price: £11.99 | $14.99 | € 14,99
Release Date: August 3, 2018

Overall Feeling: I like it!

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There are many different puzzle game genres out there, but The Last Wind Monk is truly odd and separates itself from the bunch! The world of Asposia is unlike any place you have ever heard of, or seen.

When you start off the sequel, presumably you have already completed the first game, The Inner World. However, in the story of the dynasty your adventure takes place in, life has always been the same. There are two different beings, Flute-noses and Asposians, which have lived in harmony throughout history.

The flute-noses had always played music for the wind fountains, until something went wrong. Robert, a flute-nose, had a big adventure in the previous chapter of his life, but now there is still more to do! So let’s get started, to the beginning of the gameplay.

Awoke in a strange place:

You start off the game with the main character, Robert, as a stone statue amidst a strange jungle. Your bird companion Peck has to help you start the journey! Playing as Peck, quite literally you “peck” around different objects using the controls. Upon successfully freeing Robert, you can use both Peck’s and Robert’s controls in their own unique way to make your way down to the village.


To get around, you can simply use the controller, however I found it easier to touch the switch tablet, being perfect for on the go. You can play as three different characters, which you must switch between frequently, further in the game. Each character has their own strengths: Peck can reach high-up places by flying. Robert can play a wind song to aid him in various ways. Laura can use her brute strength, and common knowledge, to get out of any situation. You will have to acquire many different items to use along the way. Certain items can be combined to make some really weird combinations.

The graphics/areas:

The Last Wind Monk has lots of different beautifully-colored areas all over your quest, but don’t get distracted, there’s a mission! The game has so much detail put even into small areas, like the starting point of the adventure. There are also a lot of odd people to meet along the way! Walking up a mountain path, suddenly you find… two people hiding in a tree? With very interesting characters and places, “odd” sums up the encounters you will have perfectly. My favorite part of the game is when you have to help a bingo pony find various items so it will feel pretty again and.. not jump into a wind fountain.


As you may already know, Conroy has built the Basylians, which have framed the flute-noses to look like they summon them with their music. Because of this, the flute-noses had to go into hiding, playing their wind songs in secret. If the flute-noses were to stop playing, the wind fountains would be doomed! You have to prove the truth about Conroy to all the Asposians! Emil, Conroy’s brother, isn’t going to let you succeed that easily though. There will be many stealth missions along the way. The game has a lot of voice acting and cutscenes throughout the entire playthrough.


The Last Wind Monk is a quirky game with great graphics, fun gameplay, and an interesting storyline. The game length is pretty short, my one complaint, but they make up for it with everything else. Don’t you want to find out what happens next? I sure would.. In fact, I recommend you get The Last Wind Monk, it’s good! Try it!

~This is Petra signing off! ;D

I like it

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