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Mini Guide Dragon Quest Builders 2: Recipes

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is a huge game, as I can testify to: I’ve already put 270 hours into it. Even with lots of great games available at the moment, I can’t stop playing this one. Yvonne and I felt the game merited a series of mini-guides, and here’s your first one. All about one of the tasks you do in DQB2: cooking.

Cooking utensils

Cooking is an important part of DQB2. Of course, your Builders needs food to keep going. Sleeping replenishes your health meter, but not your food meter. But did you know you can also receive certain boosts from some food?

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Every island comes with at least one Bonfire. You can cook on it, using only one ingredient. Ingredients that are eligible to be eaten can be cooked, and you’ll find enough in the wild. Like kelp and scallywinkles on the beach of the Island of Awakening, crabmeat and crops on Furrowfield Farm, mushrooms and Vineapples on Khrumbul-Dun island.

Once you progress the game a Frying Pan added to a bonfire will make a Fiery Frying Pan Set. It allows you to cook two ingredients at once. Even further in the game, three ingredients can be cooked on a Brick Barbecue.

DQB Mini GuideLadiesGamers.com

On the Khrumbul-Dun island, you are introduced to a Cask. This one allows you to make drinks from one ingredient. You’ll clearly see what items can be put in the cask, and which not. Experimenting is nice. Who knew putting wheat in the cask would produce Farmers Frappe? On this island you even need a drink you made in the Cask for your quest of making a Digger’s Jigger. Put a Vineapple in the Cask, and you will get you Digger’s Jigger in no time. 

The Bottomless Pot comes very handy in filling a canal up with water, or irrigating your crops. But it can also be used get milk from a cow. The bottomless pot can be used to add liquids to certain food recipes using a Fiery Frying Pan Set or the Brick Barbecue.

The first recipes to try

There are over 150 different food recipes in the game that you will discover by trying out different foods on the various cooking stations. Below are a few recipes to try out at the beginning of the game when you only have a bonfire to cook on. Further down the list are some handy reptiles for later in the game when you can craft a Brick barbecue.

Plus, keep in mind that some recipes can be improved by using ingredients with one or two gold stars above them. You can get them by adding fertiliser to the crops you grow. And by the time you get your fishing pole, you will also notice the caught fish being ranked with stars. Using one star ingredients will make Superior food and using two star ingredients will make Spectacular food. 

One ingredient dishes and their benefits

Seared Steak: steak cooked on a bonfire will give you Attack up for 30 seconds 

Wheat put in to a cask will make Farmers Frappe which gives you a 10 second Stamina boost.

Put fish on a bonfire and you’ll get a Fish Stick with a Defence up for 30 seconds.

Marshroom cooked on a bonfire adds Destruction Up for 30 seconds.

Crab Claw cooked will make Cooked Crab Claw which adds a Defence up for 15 seconds. 

Coffee beans placed in a Cask will give you a Black Coffee and a 30 second Sleep Immunity. 

Two ingredient recipes and their benefits

Stir Fry: add one vegetable and one meat and get an Attack up boost for 45 seconds.

Tastier Turf and Surf: add two meat and one fungus and get Destruction up for 45 seconds.

Seafood Salad: add one vegetable and one fish to get a Defence up for 45 seconds.

Three ingredient recipes and their benefits

Soldiers Stew: add one vegetable, one meat and pure water from the bottomless pot and you’ll get an Attack Up boost for 1 Minute. 

Fungoulash:  add Marshroom, Frogstool and Glumpus cooked together will give you Destruction UP for 1 minute. 

Whitebait: add fish, wheat and oil and you’ll get Defence up for 45 seconds. 

Fish and Chips: cook fish, potatoes and oil and you can move underwater the same as on land for 1 minute. 

Full Moon Gungerbread: cook a grain, medicine leaf and a chilli pepper to get a Paralysis immunity.

DQB Mini GuideLadiesGamers.com

Kitchen Blueprints

Now, you can cook on any bonfire available, although if you can only add one ingredient to the fire. Cooking in a kitchen is better ofcourse. The villagers, and later on the monsters you tame, will help out cooking. A builder can’t do it all alone of course. If you want to have others cook for you, here are the recipes to build a kitchen. The simplest one will do to get the help of the villagers you need.

Simple Kitchen
Chest, Bonfire x3

Kitchen Diner
Chest, Bonfire x3, Dining Table (Set)

Agricultural Kitchen
Chest, Sack of Wheat x3, Firewood x2, Bonfire x3

Agricultural Cafe
Chest, Sack of Wheat x3, Firewood x2, Bonfire x3 OR Fiery Frying Pan (Set) x2 OR Brick Barbecue, Dining Table (Set)

Simple Mushroom Cookroom
Chest, Fungus (Any, pick up with gloves and bring inside), Bonfire x2

Deluxe Mushroom Kitchen
Chest, Fungus (Any, pick up with gloves and bring inside), Fiery Frying Pan (Set) x2 OR Brick Barbecue, Dining Table (Set)

Simple Castle Kitchen
Chest, Well, Brick Barbecue

Castle Cafeteria
Chest, Well, Brick Barbecue, Buffet (Set)

Gory Grillhouse
Chest, Meaty Marshy Mountain, Brick Barbecue

Standard Dining Room
Light Source (Any), Dining Table (Set) x4

King’s Dining Room
King’s Table, Fancy Chairs x4, Crockery x4 (placed by chairs), Candelabra x2, Fireplace, Bold Banner x2

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